Best 9 Gambling Hacks for 2024

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In today’s world there is a blur between what is gambling and what isn’t. Take for instance Daily Fantasy Sports. In some countries this is considered legal because it is a game of skill and therefore not gambling, whilst in other countries it is. I define gambling as wagering an amount to achieve something greater in return with a great level of enjoyment and fun.

Whatever you define gambling as, take note that there are some great gambling hacks available. If you can hold true to these hacks you will have a great gambling experience!

Hack 1: Stretch your time, stretch your bank roll

When you stretch your time such as waiting for a deck of cards to shuffle, betting on future sport bets or playing bingo, you will stretch your bank roll. Know that over the long term, the odds are against you. So if you play slow, you will churn through your bank roll much slower.

This may sound counter productive, however it will come naturally when you set this as your goal. Play and have more fun through stretching your playing time.

Hack 2: Accept your losses and don’t try and win it back

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Sometimes it is very difficult, but don’t chase for that win, once you have suffered a loss. Remain cool and calm, knowing you had prepared for some losses. That’s part of gambling. Don’t then go all in and go for the winning hand or winning bet. Stretch it.

If you go all in and you suffer further losses, you enter into the cycle of winning it all back. Don’t do it!

Accept your losses for what they are. And proceed to gamble according with your normal wagering pattern.

Hack 3: Enjoy winning but know it is by chance

Don’t get too smart when you win. Know that it is by chance that you have won, and not through a magical strategy. The biggest error new gamblers make is that they have worked out the winning formula. Nope.. it’s impossible. Enjoy the win and play on! This video really puts into perspective the probability of winning in gambling.  This won’t change no matter what system/strategy you decide to use.

Don’t drop a big bet thinking you have the winning formula.

Hack 4: Balance gambling with other fun activities

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I love to gamble. But I enjoy it together with other activities. Such as socializing with friends with a beer or two, hitting the clubs, watching live performances, and enjoying sport. If you focus all your energy into gambling only, you break hack 1. Stretching your time.

So you should balance gambling with other activities – supplement it. Or use it to augment the fun of other activities, like betting in support of your favourite team in a particular sports event.

Hack 5: Don’t gamble to earn money or to pay debts

Yes, times may be tough. But gambling to make a living (unless you are really really good) is impossible. You may see Poker players winning big time, but they are few and far between. These players also practice day in day out and have mathematical calculations as their brains.

And yes it is also possible to learn card counting to gain an advantage in blackjack too, but again, there are very few people that can do it successfully for a living.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can earn an income, or win money to pay off debt. It can happen but is highly unlikely.  You’re much better off treating gambling as a form of entertainment rather than a means to resolve any financial issues.

Hack 6: Don’t gamble when impaired by alcohol and drugs

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This should go without saying. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs impairs your decision making. It impairs your ability to make sensible judgement. If you are drinking and taking drugs it is a recipe for disaster for gambling.

Okay, yes – one or two drinks is not a problem. But you know what I mean. Gamble with clarity and for enjoyment.

Hack 7: Never borrow

Borrowing could land you into big debt. And that’s not what gamblers want or need.

You may think, if you borrow this will give you the capital to execute a winning strategy. Remember there is no winning strategy and that the long term odds will be against you. Yes, some people are very lucky and that’s the definition of gambling, luck.  So why would you risk going into even BIGGER debt when the odds are already stacked against you to win?

Hack 8: Check legality

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If you plan to gamble online, be wary that gambling laws are often changing. But for the first rule of thumb, bet with a licensed organization. If they are licensed you can at least be assured that there is legitimacy. Avoid underhand betting scams. They may promise big but payout small.

The second rule of thumb is to check the gambling laws in your area and bet with the big brand names. According to GambleDex, gambling laws are continually changing state by state. And, often they are unclear and vague. In these cases gamble with common sense. If it feels illegal, it probably is illegal!

Hack 9: Don’t be afraid to seek help if things get out of hand!

Gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment but it’s very common for it to get the best of people trying to chase that big win.

If you’re struggling to maintain a sensible balance with gambling then don’t be afraid to seek help.  For US residents, you can call or text 1-800-522-4700 for assistance and they are available 24/7.


If you abide by these great gambling hacks you will be able to have an enjoyable gambling experience. Whether it be at online casinos, sports betting or even gambling on the financial markets, these great hacks apply to all forms.

In the end, the mentality when placing a wager on anything should be taken as an opportunity to have fun rather than an opportunity to win big.