The Best Browsers and Extensions to Help with Studies

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We all know that life as a student can be hard. There are so many distractions online, and it’s easy to spend hours on your phone or computer when you should be studying. However, there are some tools out there to help make studying easier. This article will cover the best browsers and extensions for students.

So, if you are a student, then keep reading this article. People often use different browsers for searching purposes over the internet. Google Chrome is the most used and best internet browser right now. About 2.65 billion users are using Google Chrome as their primary browser.

Firefox and all other browsers come after. Today, students can enjoy hassle-free and easy studies thanks to the internet. Now, they can open their favorite browser and search for whatever they are looking for. Students’ lives now are much easier compared to past times as they can get solutions for everything and anything within minutes. However, students often ask questions like:

  • What is the best browser for studying?
  • What is the most useful browser?
  • What are the most useful extensions?

We’ll not only answer these questions but will also guide people on how they can secure their privacy online. It will help them to save from hackers attacks and enjoy ad-free web browsing.

People can use the below-mentioned browsers for windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. Some of the best extensions and browsers reviewed for students are the following:

Best Browsers & Extensions for Students:


VPN Netguard

We mentioned above that some browsers are providing privacy by preventing tracking. However, it is not always true, and that’s why you still need to have a netprotector or netguard Adblock extension.

Users may have a question here, “what is netguard?” So, here is the answer. VPN netguard is a feature or element that allows you to stay safe while browsing online from cyberattacks. For example, hackers often make phishing attacks by trapping people. With a netguard, you will protect yourself by not visiting such sites.

It is crucial for students as they often browse different sites without realizing that it can be dangerous. We recommend people to use VeePN Netguard as it is safe, secure, and encrypted. With this VPN you will not worry about your online privacy anymore.

Further, it will also prevent ads by blocking them and improve your internet speed and overall browsing experience. Students can also hide their location, IP address, and activities from ISP, Government, and of course, hackers. They can use a free trial of VeePN.



Grammarly is a great tool and extension not only for students but for everyone. Users can identify their grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and other things to make them stand out among others. Students can use it for free, and there is also a paid version available.



Clockify is an excellent time tracking and management extension for students. It can help users to set a time for a particular work and push them to complete that task within time. People can create an account on Clockify and analyze the tracked time on different activities.


Google Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the finest, easiest, and most used browsers right now. As Google developed this fast and cross-platform browser, you can rest assured that they have worked hard in making it secure and safe.


Google Chrome is the only browser that uses pretty little internet data. There is also a data saver mode that you can turn on to save your MBs. There is an incognito mode that, according to Google, allows people to browse without saving any browser history. Students can use Chrome for fast internet browsing.

Users can download web pages, so if people need it later, they can just open the web page with offline view mode. There is an option of voice search, so no more need for typing. In addition, Google has worked greatly by integrating Google Assistant with Google Search.

So, now without opening chrome or google search, users can ask Google assistant to search for something, and it will automatically bring you information from the browser.
Google Translate is another excellent feature to translate text on your screen in real-time.

Users will see personalized recommendations by Google, thanks to its intelligent algorithm.
People can sync their Google account across all devices. So, no more worries about carrying devices. Users are allowed to add extensions. It is recommended to have a VPN netprotector extension.



Firefox, also known as Mozilla Firefox, is another free, secure, and fast internet browser compared to many others. It is ranked in third place in the global share market of browsers. It is reported in July 2024 that there are about 205 Million active firefox users compared to July 2019 (about 232M active users).


Firefox works fantastically in providing users privacy. They have introduced a new feature that can save users from Supercookies which can secretly track their online activity.
People can do multitasking by streaming online videos with the firefox pop-up feature and browsing the internet.

People can customize the menu and use a unified search bar for searching.
People can install extensions on their firefox. It is crucial to have a netguard AdBlock to enjoy ad-free browsing. Firefox also provides users with the Dark Mode feature. So, enable it while working at night and protect your eyes.



Microsoft Edge is another famous browser that has all the features that others have. So, what makes it unique? Well, here is the treat for online shopping users. If there is any discount coupon available on a website, Edge will provide you with that. So, you can apply and save some bucks. Users can also compare a product price on different sites, which saves time and money.


  • Users can customize their browsing experience by adding extensions. Don’t forget to use
  • VPN netguard. If you don’t know about it, we’ll explain shortly.
  • Use it on any device and OS.
  • Edge provides you protection by preventing tracking.
  • Users can sync account information across all devices.
  • Export web content directly to MS Word or Excel.
  • Students can get coupons to buy courses online.


With the improvement in technology and the recent Covid-19 pandemic, students tend towards online studies. Some tech-savvy users find it useful, while others are facing difficulties. There are browsers, tools, and extensions that have made students’ online studies much more effortless.

They can search for any problem and get a solution within seconds. However, while the online study is proving great, there are also privacy issues that people need to understand. They need a VPN netguard to protect themselves from hackers and block spammy ads to make their online experience smoother and safer.