Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

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If you are serious about gaming, we believe that you want the best items in every segment of gaming equipment, from gaming mouse, keyboard, headset to PC setup and even gaming chairs. If we have to pick the most important parts, a quality gaming monitor and a chair are something worth spending a few hundred dollars on because this is equipment that can keep you healthy. Considering the fact that many gamers spend several hours a day in front of their computers, all the time sitting and staring at a monitor, then it is logical that these two are very important.

Therefore, if you want to keep your eyes and spine healthy, then don’t save money. For this reason, we decided to dedicate the following article to gaming chairs, more specifically the best gaming chairs under $200. We can assure you that quality equipment can be bought at an affordable price and there is no reason to spend money inexplicably. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

  1. UOMAX Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Recliner for Computer

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We start with a high-quality gaming chair that brings you many customizable features. If your budget is around $200, this product by UOMAX is a good solution. Ergonomic design, lumbar support, adjustable backrest angle, headrest pillow as well as adjustable armrest are the features that all high-quality gaming chairs should have, and these are exactly the features of UOMAX’s product.

In addition to these things, you have an adjustable footrest so it’s almost impossible not to fit this chair to your needs perfectly. However, that’s not all, because if you buy this chair, you will enjoy an electric massager pillow. You also won’t have to worry about it being durable enough as it can support up to 300 lb. All in all, this is a quality chair with a good number of features. You can find it on Amazon for about $180.

  1. GTRACING Gaming Office Chair

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If you’re looking for a chair with a lot of adjustments, then the GTRACING gaming chair might be the one for you. Simply, gamers love that everything on their equipment can be customized to suit their needs and wishes, and if the product has a reasonable price, then it can be the perfect match. For example, you can adjust the backrest angle up to 170 degrees down so that you can take a nap if you get tired while gaming.

As for the materials, the GTRACING gaming chair is made of metal frame and artificial leather which is very easy to clean and maintain. Also, this chair is suitable for all tall people because the backrest is tall enough and is also designed to withstand the load produced by the 300 lb weight. In addition, we have to mention a one-year warranty. If you think GTRACING is the right choice for you, you can get it on Amazon for about $130.

  1. Furmax High Back Racing Chair

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Another high-quality gaming chair that you can buy for less than $200 comes from Furmax. This chair is made from a combination of materials such as tubular steel frame, faux leather, and plastic. Similar to the previous product mentioned in our list, this one can be customized to suit your needs. Adjustable footrest, armrests as well as a backrest that can be locked to any position up to 180° are available.

However, while the backrest is well designed for all gamers, we have to mention a footrest that should be longer to fit tall people. However, we can neglect this disadvantage if we take into account the fact that Furmax has excellent customer service and by purchasing this gaming chair, you will receive a 6-month warranty. This one is currently available on Amazon for about $138.

  1. Homall Executive Swivel Faux Leather Gaming Chair

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One of the best budget gaming chairs you can find on the market right now is this one by Homall. As in the previous cases, the design uses a combination of different materials such as premium carbon fiber leather and metal frame for a quality gaming experience. Immediately, we need to emphasize 360° swivel rotation, high adjustability but also supportive neck and lumbar pillows.

If you’re tall, don’t worry, because this gaming chair fits all gamers perfectly. Also, the backrest can be adjusted in any position from 90° to 180° backward, and plastic rolling casters will allow you to easily move around the room without getting up. However, while there are many advantages, this chair does have some disadvantages, and we would like to point out the difficult assembling that can take a long time. In any case, if this is not a problem for you, you can buy it on Amazon for as low as $130.

  1. Remaxe Large Size Computer Gaming Chair

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Well, as you can conclude from the name of this product, it is a large size gaming chair that gives you a massage function. Well, isn’t that great? For under $200 (check more gaming chairs for under $200 by Gears Adviser) you get a great gaming chair and a massage while gaming. Simply great. This one is made of a tubular steel frame, plastic as well as PU leather. As for the massage function, the lumbar pad will give you relaxation while playing video games. If you are too tired, you can put the backrest in 180° position and take a short nap.

You can also adjust the appropriate length of the footrest but also the lumbar and headrest pillows that many gamers who bought this chair find very convenient if you spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. The movement is made possible by rolling casters that can be used carelessly even on wooden floors without fear of damaging. The only disadvantage that can reduce your comfort are the armrests, which are a bit narrow. All in all, this is a highly adjustable quality chair that you can find on Amazon for around $170.

  1. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

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Another racing style gaming chair that comes to us from Homall. This one is made of 8mm thick steel frame and faux leather. In terms of features, it is quite similar to the previous product on our list by Homall. There are 360° swivel rotation, headrest and lumbar supporting pillows as well as an adjustable backrest, footrest until you can’t adjust the armrests, which some gamers may consider as a disadvantage.

In any case, the high backrest is suitable for high gamers and can be folded into a 180° position. Also, there are rolling casters that have wood floor protection and will allow you to move around the room easily. As for durability, this computer chair can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. The price of this chair is currently around $109.

  1. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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For the end, the best of the best gaming chairs you can get for under $200. The ergonomic gaming chair by Devoko is made of quality materials such as premium carbon fiber leather as well as a metal frame and at first glance, it doesn’t look like a budget product. The excellent lumbar and neck pillows will give you all the comfort you need while playing your favorite video games, while you can fold the backrest to 180° position of you need to rest.

Another great advantage is the extra high backrest ideal for all tall users, but we also have to mention the fact that the chair is durable and can support up to 330 pounds of weight. Also, there are plastic casters. However, a major disadvantage that would make this chair even better if it wasn’t present is unsuitable armrests. Also, the warranty period could be longer for 6 months is not too much. Still, this chair is great and it’s the right choice for any budget gamer. If you think it is suitable for all your needs, you can order it on Amazon for about $140.