Psychological Impact Of Online Gaming


“The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.”

This quote by Nick Johnson sums up how technology has impacted every field and even the world of gaming.

The advent of technology has taken over the world in the last few decades, and it is continuing to do so. The popularity of online gaming has increased in the last decade. The area has apparently exploded and has reached a revenue of a few hundred billion dollars. Moreover, the outbreak of Covid-19 in the year 2020 paced up the momentum of online gaming to the next level. Online gaming can be touted as one of the best forms of entertainment today. These are engaging and easily accessible in today’s world.

Online gaming has both pros and cons that have a lot of impact on our lives. In this article, we will discuss various psychological impacts of online gaming.


1. Stress Reliever


Imagine getting home from a long tiring day at work and getting time to play your favorite game online. Relieving, isn’t it? A good hour of gaming can help you forget the worries of your work or home and reduce the stress of any kind. Many studies and researches have claimed good results in reducing the stress from online gaming. It helps in lowering your cortisol levels and releases dopamine, “the happy hormone.”

2. Source of Entertainment

Online gaming serves as a regular dose of entertainment for humans. Humans have a very flighty nature, it is difficult to keep their attention for a long period of time, and they need a source of entertainment in their life. Online gaming is one such thing that can hold a person’s attention for a long period of time. Games can be played anytime and anywhere on any device that has good internet connectivity. Many websites like TopCasinoSearch provide a myriad of games that you can choose according to your preference.

3. An Interactive Platform


Online gaming platforms also work as social media platforms where you can meet new people and interact with them. It promotes healthy communication among different players and helps them build teams to win a goal. Better communication skills help boost the confidence of people who are introverts and find it difficult to communicate with new people. It keeps introverts in their comfort bubble while introducing them to the outer world.

4. Improved Concentration

Good gaming skills can help you improve your memory and concentration skills. Often, games have strategies and monetary involvement, which makes players be more focused in order to win their round of the game. One skill that is a must to win the games is attentiveness – be it online or offline. It improves their observation skills and decision-making skills. It is important to notice every movement of the opponent in a game and make a decision depending on the strategy. You cannot take much time to make a decision; you need to be quick and correct.

5. Source of Income


Over the last decade, a new profession has taken birth, that is called a professional gamer. Many people have started playing games and have started to make a living out of it. There are many platforms that allow you to play and win games online. If you are someone who has polished gaming skills, then you can opt for this career. Money always gives you a certain kind of self-esteem and a boost in confidence. You can hone your gaming skills and earn money to pay your bills.


1. Addiction


It takes no time for a skill to become an addiction. It requires a lot of self-control and patience to not give completely into online gaming. Video gaming addiction has been declared a disorder that involves long and continuous hours of playing games online. It can affect the mental and physical health of a person. Addiction to anything can do harm mentally and physically.

2. Anti-Social Behavior

While it allows you to interact with the online world, it limits your interaction in the real world. Sometimes, players get so involved in playing games online that unknowingly they cut themselves off from the outside world. It leads to anti-social behavior and a lack of confidence in interacting with people from the non-virtual world.

3. Aggressive Nature

We are often influenced by our favorite actors and celebrities; also, we can be influenced by fictional characters in games. Many games portray a lot of violence to solve crimes, and this kind of behavior is inculcated by many players. This adds a lot of aggression to their personality, which is not a good thing for the overall development of a person.

4. Lack of Compassion

Often, gaming activities can affect your personality and take up a lot of your time. It can lead to a drastic change in your personality. They also take up a lot of your time and affect your personal and professional life. It is very important to prioritize everything in your life to be a successful person. If gaming is not something you do to make money, you should keep it at the lower end of your priority list.

5. Effect on Health


As discussed earlier, it can hamper your physical and mental health. It can cause loss of appetite, mental health disorders, and many more. The constant stress on your eyes, usage of headphones for longer durations, and sitting in the same posture for a long time are some of the physical issues.

Technology has made our lives easier and more entertaining, but it also comes at a certain cost. It also has some impactful complexities that can affect you and your health. While it has lots of positive impacts like stronger life skills, they also impact our lives negatively. It is necessary to regulate the time of your online gaming so that it does not get to your head. It is an amazing hobby to write on a resume, but you have to save yourself from it before it becomes an addiction.