Best movie streaming sites  

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Streaming sites are taking over the world. For many people, streaming sites are the main way of watching TV shows and movies. Some sites are free while some have a monthly fee which is usually not high. Finding the one that fits your needs can be challenging as there are so many options. Even though getting streaming services for free can sound shady, there are many sites that are free and still completely legal. We’re here to help you find the best streaming sites and spend your evening enjoying yourself instead of searching endlessly for a streaming platform that fulfills your needs. We’ll start the list with the already well-established sites that have a lot of users around the world.


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HBO is a trustworthy streaming site with millions of users. It offers high-quality content and you can browse the site alphabetically or by genre. HBO also allows you to try the site for free for a month. There is a huge number of popular TV shows and movies on HBO Go and some of them are “Chernobyl”, “Mortal Engines”, “Aquaman”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “The wire”, and “Truth or Dare”.


TopStreamFilm is a German website offering the latest and most popular movies and TV Shows in HD. By the end of 2019, the website will have over 20 thousand movies and 45 thousand episodes of over 1000 TV shows. They offer you movies to watch only days after their release. Some of the main movies you can find on the site are “Gemini Man”, “Pokemon master”, “Alita”, “Shazam”, and “Captain Marvel”.


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While Hulu is extremely popular among TV show fans, it has a plethora of good movies as well. It works on all sorts of different devices such as Apple iOS, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Stick, Roku, and more. It offers unlimited instant streaming of the most popular TV Shows and movies. Some of the movies you can find on Hulu are “The Hero”, “Columbus”, “Boomtown”, “Once upon a time in Venice”, and “Blind”. The monthly fee of 6 dollars per month is more than reasonable considering what you’re getting for the price.


StreamFlixPro is a streaming site that boasts no adverts is a pleasant surprise, so you can watch all your movies with no interruptions. With a ginormous database of movies being constantly updated there are almost limitless titles to watch. New movies are available – often before anywhere else – and all are streamed in High Definition. You can sign up for free in just 60 seconds.


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Netflix is probably the most popular streaming site. The costs range from 8 to 14 dollars a month. It started prioritizing the original series and movies over the other content which is a pretty good thing considering the quality of the originals. The site is extremely easy to navigate as it has a very intuitive design. Some of the things you can enjoy on Netflix are “The Outlander”, “Stranger things”, “American Honey”, “American Psycho”, “Bird Box”, “Okja”, and more.


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iTunes has a huge number of good movies and you won’t be disappointed. The payment is done per-movie watched. It offers movies, podcasts, music, and TV Shows which makes it perfect for anyone. Some of the movies you can find on iTunes are “John Wick”, “Aladdin”, “Yesterday”, “Pets”, “Long Shot”, “Ma”, “A star is born”, “Shaft”, and “Spiderman: Far from Home”.