Best Practices for Resellers in 2024

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Resellers operate throughout a huge number of sectors. B2C enterprises benefit hugely from global sales to broader audiences when they select reputable and smart resellers.

From the IT sector to software, from direct market reselling of manufactured physical products, many resellers enjoy as much success as their suppliers.

Online resellers get the best out of multiple worlds. They do not have to invest in the research and development of new products, usually judge their products based on public opinion before committing to reselling, and can even bypass shipping through deliveries made direct from the supplier.

Furthermore, there is no need for a physical store or warehouse – most reseller businesses are operated from the comfort of a home office.

Customer Service Excellence

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Best practices for resellers should be based upon cleverly expanding niche target groups and encouraging customer loyalty. If your customers or visitors know that your services are reliable, they will buy, sign up, and pass on the word through social media and review sites.

The best customer services offer all customers rapid response using multiple methods:

  • Informative, user-friendly website
  • Telephone, email, online contact form, and land mail information
  • Extensive FAQ
  • Chatbots
  • Social media channels (Twitter, FB Messenger accounts)

All of the above should be integral to your customer services department.

Most website visitors are used to chatbots, although for many, human interaction is still preferred.

If your contact options are overloaded, it is probable that you are not providing the information your visitors need on your website or have navigation issues that prevent them from finding this data quickly.

All visitor interaction should be reviewed to see what the main issues are. If your customers complain about a product, it may be time to remove this product from your listing. Shipping delays – the current pandemic is creating havoc for global and domestic shipping in many countries – should be clearly mentioned on your website. In this unusual time, tracking should come as standard.

Without being continuously available for your target group’s questions, you will lose them. Wasting marketing campaigns and advertising creates a serious dent in your ROI in both the short- and long-term.

Broaden the Borders of Targeted Marketing

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Targeted marketing campaigns often create an unnecessary niche group that is too narrow to expect marketing miracles. Obviously, search engine optimization is the foundation of bringing your website content to the masses.

Using mixed high- and low-volume keywords attracts broader groups. The use of multiple landing pages to attract different target groups is now standard marketing practice. These examples point to the importance of quantity in visitors and the quality of the product. The best way to advertise your website is to share it with the largest possible group.

Even if you only resell one niche product, knowing who will buy it can still be a very hit and miss affair. Undifferentiated marketing ignores the boundaries of segments, targeting everyone. This means that using the right keywords can become extremely complex within a single landing page – hence the use of multiple landing pages attuned to loosely specific segments.

Undifferentiated marketing, or at least partially undifferentiated marketing, might be your next planned step to accessing a wider audience. In this case, using third-parties to spread the word should be of interest.

Buy Human Website Traffic

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One of the ways to take advantage of undifferentiated marketing as well as loosening the belt that encompasses your target group is to buy website traffic. Many resellers can vastly increase website visits, not only bringing their website higher on SERPs but also the potential to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Naturally, a higher percentage of website traffic-generated visitors bounce in comparison to high-end targeted marketing campaigns; yet most resellers find that web traffic purchased from the right provider is more than justified – even if the conversion rate of this type of traffic is lower, the vast numbers involved can still exceed revenues from traditional advertising channels.

It is important to select a website traffic service that can generate thousands of visits from its own websites. Reselling website traffic is another alternative that similarly depends on the quality of the traffic supplier. Either way, a source of 100% human website traffic is imperative. Bots don’t pay for services.

The maxvisits Reseller Program, for example, enables you to increase traffic to your reseller website or generate traffic for managed sites. As with most reseller packages, you enjoy a discount; unlike many others, the Maxvisits Reseller Program is free to join – you do not have to order traffic when you sign up. Within 24 hours, the purchased quantity of traffic is directed to your chosen site or sites over a period of one to thirty days as specified by you.

MaxVisits is currently listing four resell services:

  • US Web Visitors
  • GEO Web Visitors
  • WW Web Visitors
  • 1 Pop-Up Allowed Traffic

Be aware that you will not be accepted as a reseller of website traffic from Max Visits if your website uses phishing URLs, Adware, and Malware, is a PTP site, or if visitors are directed to blank landing pages. However, resellers with quality websites (not social media sites) that contain customer-appropriate content are rarely turned away.

Reputable website traffic providers have spent time, money, and energy creating expansive websites that collect vast numbers of visitors; they are unlikely to waste this hard work on inappropriate URLs.

Use Marketplace Ranking Services

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Digital marketing solutions can help small businesses without their own marketing department to launch their website with success, the first time around.

Many blogs and articles tell the uninitiated how to improve site ranking with search engine optimization; however, analyzing the results and tweaking content needs an expert.

The basics of better SEO ranking are:

  • Relevant, well-written, regularly-updated content
  • Keywords and keyword phrases
  • Title metadata, description metadata, and keyword metadata
  • Alt tags
  • Descriptive links

If you are unsure how to incorporate these basic SEO tips into your website, more advanced SEO tips will be overwhelming. A professional ranking service understands the complex, ever-changing world of search engine optimization and will ensure your reseller website or direct market company website appears early in SERPs.

Many ranking experts take on SEO work for multiple channels, search engines, or platforms. Some concentrate on more specific services. Etsygeeks is a ranking service for sellers and resellers that use Etsy as a global marketplace. With a promise to refund 100% of your investment if you do not rank in the Etsy top 10 after their support, they offer options for one-time or continuous ranking services. By specializing in a single marketplace, the experts at Etsygeeks know precisely how to showcase your product on one of the most lucrative online marketplaces to date.

Respect Warranties, Guarantees, and Refunds

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In a competitive eCommerce world, honesty and transparency take pole position. Today’s customers and visitors are incredibly savvy with marketing campaigns and customer rights. If you are integrating best practice by incorporating customer service excellence, you should also be willing to take responsibility when things go wrong.

Reviews publicize what went wrong more often than they talk about what went right. Excellent service that goes above and beyond normal practice receives five stars; normal and acceptable standards are lucky to earn four, often three. Plain excellent service is no longer good enough to warrant top marks. And ignore a complaint at your peril!

Even a negative review can be turned on its head when you quickly solve a complaint with a refund. The Terms and Conditions of a guarantee should not only be read by the buyer but fully respected by the seller.

A single refund may (slightly) reduce your ROI, but one bad review has the power to negatively affect ROI, conversion rates, brand loyalty, and website traffic for weeks, months, or possibly years. As a reseller of other companies’ products or services, negative feedback could create a domino effect that loses you a contract.

Dealing with customer complaints rapidly and efficiently is a proven method of damage control.

Step Into the Unknown

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If you are having Success with multiple products and using this list of best reseller practices to help your reseller business move forward, it could be time to listen to the Monty Python team…And Now for Something Completely Different.

If you are experienced in marketing and advertising, introducing a fresh product can brush away the cobwebs and inject new enthusiasm into what can become a daily chore. Not only does an entirely new product encourage creativity, but it can also expand your target group and open up new segments.

Even thinking about a new use for existing products is worth considering. Ensure the manufacturer is willing to test their product for any alternative implementation, or you may not be able to rely on the protection your Terms and Conditions provide.

Visit crowdfunding platforms and trade fairs – or virtual trade-show platforms during the current COVID-19 pandemic – to stay informed over the latest services and products. With items that have not yet found a ready market, your input regarding other implementations could turn a poor-performer into the next trend.

Reseller Success = Quantity and Quality

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To be a successful reseller, you require a quality product or a range of quality products

To advertise your quality product(s), you need to show it to as many people as possible.

To remain successful, you must treat your conversions as prized individuals, offering them something new at regular intervals.

By incorporating the top reseller tips listed in this article, these three steps will run that much more smoothly. While you are not responsible for product design, as an advertiser and representative of a potentially profitable item or group of items (or services), you are as much involved in each item’s Success as its source.