Best Province in Canada

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Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the reason for this is the fact that Canada has a very good living standard, educational system, and the medical system. On top of all this, Canada always needs more people since it is a huge country with the vast majority of its area still being unpopulated. For example, you can easily immigrate to Canada from UAE. Whenever you go and decide to live in Canada, you would not regret it. It should be also pointed out that Canada is divided into various provinces and that each one of them is great for life in terms of economy, education and medical care. However, many people ask themselves what the best province to live in Canada is.


First of all, it should be noted that Canada is divided into 13 different provinces. When statistic data are taken into concern and the fact that most immigrants come here, we are driven to the conclusion that Ontario is the best province in Canada to live in. The reasons for this are numerous.

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The capital of Ontario Province is Toronto. As far as Toronto is concerned, it is the most cosmopolitan city in Canada and it is a perfect place for all of those who would like to have a lot of choices in each and every way. We should also point out that the Financial District is located in Toronto and that it serves as the center of all financial services in Canada.

Ontario Data

It should be also noted that Ontario is the most populated province in Canada. More precisely, the 2019 estimate predicts that there are 14,490,207 people living in this province. There are people of many origins there which is also great for all those liking diversity in terms of food choice, cultures and customs. As far as the area is concerned, Ontario has the surface of 1,076,395 km2. When we are talking about official languages, we should point out that the official language in the province is English.

Why Ontario?

First of all, the reason why many people choose exactly this province is the fact that this province has the highest GDP in Canada and that it is the financial center of the country. It needs to be pointed out that this is the leading province in all aspects of the economy. For example, most of the tourists come to visit exactly this province in Canada. Then, if we are talking about manufacturing, we should say that this is the province where 52% of all manufacturing in Canada is done. This is a key element since this means that there are more jobs and more work to be found here. Also, the south of the province if agricultural, so it can be perfect for all of those who would like to do this. Furthermore, Ontario has a highly developed road structure and the educational and medical care systems in the province are the best in the entire country, and present at every step.