List Of The Best Quarterback In Each NFL Team’s History – 2024 Review


Without a shade of doubt, football is the king of sports. It calls attention from sports lovers all over the world whenever football season comes. Each NFL player leaves us an unforgettable impression with their skillful moves and kicks! If you are a fan of the NFL, then you should follow NFL Streams, Predictions & Previews here!

On the field, there is one particular position that gets the most attention and is most highly scrutinized, even much more than the centre places. Well, it is undoubtedly the quarterback!

And today, we are so eager to show you a list of the best quarterbacks in each NFL team’s history. You are lucky not to miss out on this article, because a lot of exciting things are in store for you! Keep scrolling and read more!

The Best Quarterback In Each NFL Team’s History

Here is our list; however, some of the choices may be controversial and don’t sound reasonable to you. If so, feel free to leave us comments to state your better ones!

1. Miami Dolphins: Dan Marino

If you admire and follow the Miami Dolphins and keep abreast of their games, then Dan Marino is no longer a stranger name to you. The best quarterback in the Miami Dolphins history title always calls his name! More interestingly, some sports lovers even regard him as the best quarterback in NFL history, and few other players have a match for him.


And it is not so exaggerated to say so! After more than 17 years working for the Miami Dolphins, he made remarkable achievements and even set a new record by throwing for more than 61 thousand yards and 420 knockdowns. This record remained for a while until Brett Favre broke it.

Despite his excellent performances and immense talent, he couldn’t lead his team to gain final victory and get Super Bowl victory as the team had expected of him.

2. Buffalo Bills: Jim Kelly

Never ever before in NFL history has such a talented quarterback that can make such impressive contributions like Jim Kelly. Throughout his career, Jim Kelly has led his team to Super Bowl victory in four successive seasons, which is the wildest dream for any football team. Throughout 11 seasons in Buffalo, he made his name in yards, touchdown passes, and quarterback ratings.


Thanks to his talent, it sounds reasonable that the Bills have won six AFC East titles and four successive conference championships under Kelly’s leadership. Together with other talented players, namely Andre Reed, James Lofton, and Thurman Thomas, Kelly has made the Buffalo Bills become the most fabulous NFL team. Hardly does any football team have the ability to compete with.

3. New England Patriots: Tom Brady

Being presently New England’s leader in almost every career passing, Tom Brady has taken the sports world by storm when five times leading the New England Patriots to five Super Bowls and successfully winning three out of five.

In 2007, once in history, the Patriots reached a 16-0 record thanks to Brady’s leadership. However, this team’s fan club should have been extremely upset because, in the final round, their team was defeated by the New York giants.

By the time Tom Brady eventually retires, he is likely to be considered one of the most beautiful quarterbacks of all the time.

4. New York Jets: Joe Namath

When it comes to the best player of New York Jets, the answer is sure to be Joe Namath – the greatest quarterback in Jets history! What sports lovers cannot ignore about Namath lies in his strong arms, a lightning-quick release and a brash style. These factors all contribute to a Joe Namath who always takes the world by storm every time he appears on the field.

In 1968, Joe Namath upset the highly favoured Baltimore Colts when he led the Jets to a victory in Super Bowl III. Interestingly, in terms of public appearance, he is also the first football player to appear as a prominent media personality. If you are attached to social media, you are likely to see him on various types of advertisements, movies and TV shows.

Unfortunately, Joe Namath struck lousy luck when he caught bad knees and then retired after the 1977 season.

5. Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco

Before the Super Bowl this season, Joe Flacco was deemed to be unable to win big games by some sports critics. However, the victory of the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl proved this criticism to be unreasonable.


What fans worldwide remember about Joe Flacco are certainly his strong arms and good leadership qualities. Due to these factors, he helped Baltimore Ravens to reach a lot of prestigious titles and became one of the most wonderful quarterbacks in history.

The Final Thought

Well, we bet that after reading our list of the best quarterback in each NFL team’s history, you have already gained all fundamental knowledge about this crucial position on the field, and held some players in high esteem, as well! It is undeniable that this position plays such an indispensable spot that the team is sure to reach the victory with the support of a good quarterback!

An adequately good and qualified quarterback always helps the team raise the score and sets an excellent example of the playing strategy and style. This makes other players around him play better and not only industriously but also repeatedly lead the whole team to victory.