Best RVs Currently on the Market

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Admit it – whenever you notice all those RVs on the road, so many questions seem to overwhelm you and you keep wondering about them. What is it like to live and travel in such objects?

How much would it cost to afford one of these? What brands of recreational vehicles exist in the market and which ones are the best? Keep reading and you’ll know more about it.

Mobile homes enjoy great popularity in many industrialized countries, especially the United States, Canada, and some European nations, where they are considered a true housing alternative. Marvelous, right? These vehicles contain everything you need for a longer stay on the road – they have kitchenettes, mini toilets, beds, and electronic appliances. Just imagine being able to take the whole little home with you wherever you go – hotels are automatically becoming less interesting compared to this.

You can buy visually very attractive, richly equipped and quality new campers and RVs in general from different manufacturers, but be prepared to spend tens of thousands of euros. Used vehicles are much cheaper, but the price, of course, depends on the condition, equipment, etc.

If you’re also considering buying some of these beauties, click here to find out the way to obtain the best one, whether you want a travel trailer or just a regular camper. Thanks to its increased popularity in movies and television series, nowadays thousands of people become interested in knowing more about RVs and often thinking of buying one.

So, here we are, suggesting some of the best RV brands on the market that will simply blow your mind.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

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Built-in Canada by Mercedes Benz Vans, these are the most popular ones, with several luxury features that would amaze anybody. At first glance they don’t seem so shocking – on the outside, they could look like any ordinary RV. But once you enter, you’re about to dive into a whole new world made of modern elements and great design. It’s a kind of a vehicle that immediately impresses anyone who’s able to get closer and experience its charm.

One of the most captivating features are six floorplans – you can choose from six-bed model: corner beds, twin beds, island or Murphy bed, FX or even a rear lounge. Also, if you’re a fan of wooden furniture, this could be some kind of heaven for you, since this RV offers a couple of types of these elements. It’s luxurious, comfortable, the most innovative model of this company – and it’s completely irresistible.

Livin Lite Quicksilver Toy Hauler

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Toy hauler (also called “toy box”, “Sport Utility Recreational Vehicle”, “Sport Utility RV” or “SURV”) is an RV or motorhome that has been conditioned to transport another vehicle inside it, such as a motorcycle, a quad, a jet ski or a small car. Not only it has a regular habitable zone – they also have a “garage” area, which is accessed by a manually or automatically foldable access ramp.

If you find this idea attractive, Quicksilver could easily catch your attention as one of the best toy haulers on the market nowadays. Besides being quite practical and ranging from quite ordinary to almost extreme ones, it possesses all-aluminum tube cabinet structures and interior cabinets – all that in order to avoid the wood and the rotting that comes with it. That means that if you choose this beauty, you won’t need to cope with rust, mold and other similar things. Floors are made of seamless fiberglass and the whole RV is provided by interior and exterior LED lights that look wonderful. Long story short – it’s a high-quality one.

RoadTrek CS Adventurous

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For those who like adventures and nature but who don’t really believe that they could spend the night in tents or are afraid of all kinds of teeny-weeny bugs and insects – well, you won’t need to worry about that. You can easily enjoy your road trips, camping or any other similar adventure with this model.

These classic RVs, made by the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter base, will give you everything you expect on a trip. It’s provided with in-floor heating and some really cool-looking, strong frameless windows. Oh, and one more cool thing – you can choose your RV color from a color specter (White, Silver Ice, Champagne Pearl and Charcoal Gray), but you also get to choose the color and fabrics for some inner details like leatherette, cabinetry and upholstery.

Winnebago Revel

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Mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, this is a very useful RV for those who venture into exploring complicated places. A powerful 4 × 4, with everything you could possibly need and even above all that, is also ecological thanks to solar energy – standard 230-watt solar power system.

It’s designed for active people and outdoor activity lovers, which is why it contains an area that could serve as a gear garage, but at night it becomes a comfortable, king-size bed space. The bathroom is an “all-in-one” – gear closet and wet bath. So, basically, you get so many things even though it looks like you got just an ordinary vehicle.

Volkner Mobil Performance S

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For this one, you’ll need to put aside some serious cash, but it’s totally worth it.

The Volkner Mobil Performance S is a 12-meter-long vehicle that has a luxurious interior and also allows you to take a car with you, thanks to a specially designed slot. And it’s not only impressive on the outside – its interior also exhibits an ostentatious luxury with quality furniture and perfectly separated room sections.

An electronic system of mobile panels allows the space to accommodate the needs of the occupants. And thanks to its enormous interior space, the vehicle has all the comforts of a house: induction cooker, oven, microwave, large refrigerator, dishwasher, integrated slicer and coffee machine.

Having in mind those five cool models, you’re now ready to choose your new RV. Make sure that you get informed about all the features that you need in order to make a purchase of your dream. Why? Because your lifestyle, flexibility, and budget are key determining factors that will influence the type of camper and campsites that you find appropriate. And then… imagine your own adventure and start your own wanderlust on the wheels!