How to Build Your General Contractor Business in 7 days


Have you encountered a barrier in your efforts to expand your contractor business? Doing tasks that are overwhelming to handle? Or, are you simply trying to figure out where to start?

What if I told you, you could build and grow your company to an operation that brings in multiple commas in seven steps?

Before you start, you must determine what initially prevents you from making the progress you desire and growing your company. This will help you pinpoint your growth barrier and find strategies for business development.

Although it may seem overwhelming, you must take several actions to establish your general contractor business. Read on to learn how Inside Advisor Pro eliminates the obstacles that hinder organizational growth in 7 steps.

What Are The Main Growth Challenges To Avoid


The majority of business owners who have run into business roadblocks encounter difficulties across these areas:

Using an Outdated Business Plan: Writing a business plan is a continuous process. You must review and update frequently to reflect your contractor business’s developing objectives and principles. You can quickly lose focus and derail your progress without updating your business goals.

You should focus only on what matters. A leader who gets overburdened by distractions will have a demotivated team. Pick no more than what is essential, and then pay attention to those, developing the strategy you’ll take to accomplish those objectives.

Reduced Operational Output: Your business may never grow without the appropriate people. Create a budget to hire more people and expand your company. You won’t be able to handle extra work if you have insufficient human resources. If not, your team will get overworked and might experience burnout.

Lack of Defined Responsibilities: It’s only logical that one of the top workplace stressors contributing to employee burnout is unclear work assignments.

There will be confusion and irritation if you don’t know who’s responsible for what in your organization. Thus, as the owner, you remain juggling too many tasks and putting out unwarranted fires.

To prevent burnout for your crew, be precise about your requirements for every position inside your business.

Having A Poor Marketing Plan: Lacking a marketing plan may be a factor in your business growth being hampered. Businesses with inadequate sales and marketing coordination see drastic drops in their revenue.

Comprehending company goals and objectives becomes difficult when your marketing and sales operate indifferently. As a result, your clients receive contradictory information and your message goes nowhere. It becomes hard to deliver your business message to your intended audience.

Lost revenue opportunities and weak sales follow-ups derail your business even further, causing your brand to lose direction. This increases the difficulty of establishing exponential growth for your company.

However, you can fix this and establish a strong marketing strategy.

How To Build Your Business In 7 Days


You should follow these steps to address any arising difficulties:

Day 1: Find Customers to Prioritize

There are various general contracting-related specializations; you should define yours and let it be known.  let them know. A fantastic approach to ensure you’re the first person a customer calls whenever a window breaks or leaks in the roof is to market your business as the best in one area, whether it’s installations or repairs. Even general contractors can position themselves as the greatest in specific services, while still providing a wider range of services.

Consider whether a candidate has the appropriate contractual skills before adding them to your team. Also, ensure that they can deliver top-notch services on each job you assign to them.

Your customers will not forget the job you did for them as well as how they were handled throughout. Putting together a group of professionals who treat your customers with respect, tolerance, and empathy can bring you lucrative customer loyalty and business recommendations.

Day 2: Keep Your Operations Organized

Maintaining order is essential for operating a successful business. It will help you ensure you’re staying within your plan and, of course, being rewarded for your labor.

Keep detailed books.

You’re staying within your plan and, obviously, being rewarded for your labor.

This entails keeping track of the amount of time and effort invested in each type of service you provide. This will stop you from overcommitting yourself by accepting too many customers or jobs at once. Although it might seem that having more clients is always desirable, that is only if it doesn’t limit your ability to give each of them your undivided attention.

Though it might be tempting to pick less costly materials, you should remember that saving money now may cost you more in the future. Ensure that every tool you use is reliable and capable of producing high-quality output whenever on a job.

For instance, you can use stainless steel nails or screws when working in an area susceptible to rainy weather. Not all your customers might understand your contracting services well enough to distinguish materials and resources, but almost everyone will undoubtedly notice if anything corrodes or malfunctions too soon.

Day 3: Be Hands On


You have to always be accessible to your clients. could have inquiries and want to know how your works are progressing.  feel more inclined to employ you or refer you to their network if you take the time to listen to them and help them out and alleviate their worries.

Also, your involvement should include physical being present to oversee operations. Although you may not be everywhere at once, your customers and staff must remain aware that you’ll be stopping by frequently to check on things. Doing this will assure your consumers that they are important, and it will remind your staff that they must do their finest job.

Day 4: Cover Your Back

Every business requires protection, especially if using large equipment with electrical appliances is part of the daily routine. You should ensure that you are insured to help with mitigating property damage, possible injuries, and litigation. Finding the right insurance coverage for your business is now a simple procedure, especially with so many inexpensive, industry-specific insurance products.

Day 5: Market Your General Contracting Services

For effective branding, you should ensure you advertise your business constantly. Although getting customers through referrals is nice (and will happen naturally if your services are excellent), creating an effective marketing plan will surely expand your business.

Use some basic marketing strategies to help you spread the word about your contractor business and encourage people to remember you whenever they want your general services.

Also, if you haven’t done so, you should create an account on any relevant social networking platforms to go in hand with your website. Ensure that your company’s social media pages connect to your site.

Being involved on social media and maintaining an exciting site only gets you so far. You should solidify your growth by using your online channels to implement various marketing strategies, including content marketing, SEO and search ads.

You can use these tactics to advertise your general contractor business on the internet:

  • Use SEO tactics to improve your site’s natural position in search results.
  • Publish blogs to your social media pages and main site. An engaging content marketing strategy may attract targeted customers to your site.
  • Use digital marketing tools like Google Ads, LinkedIn Marketing, and Facebook Ads.

Typically, general contractor businesses sell their services and secure clients via recommendations and word of mouth.  Inspire your top clients to spread the word about your business’s incredible work.

Day 6: Quality Rules All


Think twice before taking any action that could compromise the quaility of your output on the job. shortcuts to lower expenses or rush the completion of a project completion might be harmful. Never lower your standards of work because it will also lower your business reputation. You’re only as good as your recent assignment.k

Specialization in a specific market might help you stand out from the competition.

Ask yourself if you’d rather get recognized as the greatest general contractor in a single field, or remain a respectable general contracting business operating across different services.

Day 7: Invest In Your Team and Equipment

Your team members should remain under your leadership, not management. If you are a good leader, people follow you throughout. Your workers will get the impression that you lack faith in their capacity to make decisions and carry out their duties if you attempt to supervise every area of their work.

Your business will become more productive when you have better software and tools.

You must invest time and resources into your business if you want to increase sales. This includes investing in new technologies and equipment as required, educating your staff, and actively promoting your company.

Using the proper applications is crucial for the successful completion of each project, everything from documenting your work, to managing your team’s resources, and accounting. Consider getting industry-specific software to boost your output while cutting costs for the business.

General contractor software will help you dispatch quicker, improved pipeline visibility, and improves your reporting.

You can see where your employees are working, what they are doing, and the timeline of the project. You can gather useful statistics to have more precision and control over invoicing and account management.