Business Relocation by Road: 5 Important Factors to Consider


Do you ever wonder what the large trucks you always pass by on the highway are carrying?

Most of the time, the answer will be ‘commercial goods.’ A large number of commercial trucks are constantly in transit on American highways because there are always goods to transport. In fact, trucks transport more than 70% of all the goods delivered across the nation in a year. One of the most common ventures that commercial fleets are used for are commercial relocations.

When a business relocates within a state or outside of it, it naturally requires transportation services. The services enable businesses to move their high-value items to their new business sites. Land-based logistics aren’t the only modes of transportation companies can choose, though. You have the option of choosing air freight or ocean shipping, too. Regardless, trucking remains the most effective mode to use during commercial relocations.

Let’s discuss some factors you should focus on while relocating your business items by road.

1. Choose a Reliable Moving Company


First thing’s first, you can’t conduct a smooth business relocation without the help of professional commercial movers. Many companies try to save costs by assigning inexperienced staff members the task of relocating items, but that could be a mistake.

You might save additional costs if you choose not to hire professional movers. However, there’s no guarantee that the amateur staff you put up to the task instead won’t incur a loss for you. Without professionals, there’ll be a high chance that your heavy business equipment, furniture, and other items will get damaged. So, save costs by reducing your chances to incur product damages instead!

You should look for a highly experienced and reputable moving company that offers land-based specialized logistics in your area. Gauge their legitimacy and reliability by looking for previous customer testimonials and reviews.

2. Explore Specialized Fleets

Did you know that nearly 11% of all product damage during transit occurs due to improper packing? One of the most important factors to focus on is the appropriate transportation of your high-value products. You should look for commercial moving companies that offer specialized fleets. Specialized features in various fleets can make it easier for you to find a truck that fulfills your unique product requirements.

Explore your options and try to look for trucks that have specialty features like flatbeds, step-decks, and soft-sides. You can also consult with a professional business mover to determine which specialized truck will be most suitable for your unique product transportation needs. Don’t compromise on the safety of your valuable business items at any cost!

3. Consider the Unique Product Requirements


Speaking of unique product requirements, let’s take a look at the most common ones.

When it comes to medical facility relocations, you’ll likely need to relocate some temperature-sensitive products. The best way to safely relocate these items is by choosing climate-controlled transportation services. You can ask your moving company to use fleets that have the capability to control the in-transit climate of their containers. Your sensitive products will remain in good condition this way.

4. Your Truckload

There are two main types of truckload services that moving companies offer. You can either opt for a full truckload (FTL) service or a less-than truckload (LTL) service. The difference between the two is in the names! Full truckloads carry a dedicated load full of your bulky business items, while less-than truckloads carry a much smaller amount.

You can easily determine the truckload services you’ll need as per the number of items you’re relocating. You should note the sizes, weights, and bulkiness of your business items to determine how much space they’ll require. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional mover to do this task for you. They’re skilled at it, which is why they’ll be able to guide you more appropriately.

5. Know the Delivery Schedule


Lastly, you should always ask your moving company how long your product delivery will take. Many business owners and managers don’t get this concern out of the way initially. That’s why they find the waiting process stressful. You should discuss the delivery schedule with your moving company. This will help you understand how long your products will take to get delivered to the new business site.

If possible, you should also ask for fleet tracking services from your moving company. Most companies track their shipments on their own, but letting you in on it might help you stay calm. Keep in mind that land-based specialized logistics generally take longer to arrive at the destination than other modes of transportation. If you’re in a rush and find this issue unfavorable, you should opt for air freight or ocean shipping services instead. Feel free to consult with your professional movers to see what’s most suitable for you!

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