How to Buy Ranked LoL Accounts Cheap


Ranked League of Legends accounts, especially the hand-levelled ones, are becoming the next hit in the League of Legends trading market. There are two types of League of Legends accounts at marketplaces – unranked level 30 and ranked accounts.

The first type is accounts with a clear ranked history, untouched MMR, and levelled to 30 with enough blue essence to buy your favourite champions. These accounts are cheap at most League of Legends account-selling sites, but today – we’re here to talk about the ladder – ranked accounts.

The second type goes for the ‘’big boys’’ – accounts stacked with amazing stats, skins, and higher ranking. These accounts are available at a higher price; therefore, you must pay attention to several criteria before purchasing one.

In the text below, we will elaborate more on the aspects you must pay attention to, what to check before buying an account, and the best LoL marketplace to buy one from.

Stick to Trustworthy LoL Marketplaces


First of all, we have to mention that the overall League of Legends account trading market is made by third-party traders.

That’s why choosing Ranked League of Legends hand-levelled accounts from trustworthy sites is mandatory. You don’t want to pay for the account only to get banned later on. Of course, this can always happen because buying and selling accounts is strictly forbidden by RIOT Games.

However, you can avoid this scenario if you purchase accounts from marketplaces that offer an anti-ban policy. Even if your account gets banned, a marketplace with a proper anti-ban policy will mitigate the situation by giving you another one with the same value.

Another thing you must do is immediately change the email address of the account. Certain websites that sell LoL accounts will get your money and get the account back immediately.

Nonetheless, don’t be afraid. We’ve done the proper research, and below, we will feature the safest websites: to buy an account from. But first, let’s take a look at a couple of reasons as to why it’s a good idea to get one.

Why Should You Purchase a League of Legends Ranked Account

There are plenty of reasons why purchasing a League of Legends ranked account right now would be a smart choice.

The first reason is getting rid of the pressure on your shoulders that you are going to mess up your main account ELO. You can always use a separate account to test out new champions. Of course, you can always do it through normal games, but most of the players there are really bad, and you won’t get to test it out the real way.

Testing new champions on the ranked queue through a separate account will allow you to master it in no time – all of while your main account stays intact.

Another good reason is playing ranked with friends without ruining your main account’s ELO. If you have friends in a lower division, buying a ranked account is a good idea.

The ultimate reason is to simply play it yourself. If you have a broken ELO and you’re stuck in the Gold Division with no real way out – getting a Platinum or Diamond account is a good idea. You might be better than most of your teammates, but your bad MMR from the previous years is holding you back from progressing.

Additionally, most higher-ranked League of Legends accounts have a massive champion selection with more than a dozen skins. Who knows – maybe you’ll even find an account with time-limited skins nobody can get anymore.

Best League of Legends Marketplaces to Buy Cheap Ranked Accounts


As we said, we will recommend a couple of sites that caught our eyes. They are great quality-wise and sell accounts for low prices. Because they offer hand levelled ranked accounts, the ban percentage is as low as it can get.

Let’s check them out.


In regards to quality, stock, and a well-earned reputation across gamers – PlayerAuctions is one of the most notable names. They’re doing a marvellous job and have remained one of the go-to League of Legends marketplaces throughout the years.

Their stock is on another level with thousands of accounts that you can choose from. League of Legends ranked accounts are also part of the picture, and they’re all hand-levelled and sold by individual players who’ve just quit the game. However, you still have to be cautious and get your League of Legends ranked account from a verified supplier.

Most of the accounts are with a guarantee of 7 days from the purchase so you don’t have to worry about getting a suspension. At PlayerAuctions, you can find one of the cheapest top-tier League of Legends ranked accounts.



GamerMarkt is an amazing marketplace if you want to find the most suitable League of Legends ranked account.

If you’re searching for cheap yet perfect ranked League of Legends accounts – stop for a moment. GamerMarkt has a huge stock of League of Legends accounts to choose from, and they are covering all the regions.

Their prices are competitive, and we’re positive that you will find a solid ranked League of Legends account for a reasonable price.

Things To Be Aware Of Before Buying League Of Legends Ranked Accounts

Before spending tons of money on your ranked League of Legends accounts, there are a few things to look upon.

  • Check the ELO/MMR so you don’t get an account with a ‘’low trust factor’’.
  • Check the supplier and their overall status
  • Check the Champions available
  • Compare accounts and prices
  • Check if the email is verified from the account