How to Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone?


Like any other messenger, WhatsApp links a user’s profile to his phone number, i.e. one user can have only one profile. However, there are cases when users need more than one account. Is it possible to use 2 profiles in one phone? Below, we’re going to answer this question and explain how to use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone.

The convenience of using two profiles via one device is obvious. However, not everyone knows how to do it. We will reveal this secret and provide you with a time-saving solution for the easy and quick handling of several profiles.

Understanding the Need for Dual WhatsApp

When do users need several accounts? This case is more popular for handling both private and business profiles. A personal profile is created for chatting with friends and relatives, while a separate profile is designed for business communication. This measure allows for separating two spheres of life and avoiding mixing your personal life with work.

Having dual accounts in one gadget allows for improving privacy, organization (all the accounts are available in one device), and efficiency (the solution saves time and money for handling profiles). As a result, enhanced productivity is achieved.

Methods for Using Two WhatsApp in One Phone


Now, let’s mention possible ways how to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone. Here are several alternatives:

Built-in Dual Messenger Feature

Some smartphone models provide the availability of the dual messenger feature, which means that users of such gadgets can register 2 profiles using two different phone numbers. This option requires having a smartphone with 2 slots for SIM cards.

SMSBower: Purchasing Temporary Numbers

Another solution implies buying a fake phone number for registration and verification. SMSBower is a reliable service provider that offers clients to buy virtual number for WhatsApp. This option implies that users rent someone else’s numbers and use them as their own ones. SMSBower comes as a connecting link in this chain. The platform unites SIM card holders and buyers. Account management and configuration take place directly on the website. This solution has the next benefits:

  • affordable prices for phones;
  • a wide range of numbers;
  • a loyalty system with perks for regular clients;
  • 100% security.

Note that the use of online phones allows for enjoying the messenger in the regions, where the app is not available.

To handle multiple accounts using fake phones, you need to register on the SMSBower website, replenish your balance, select suitable numbers (both domestic and foreign ones are available), and pay for the subscription. Phones will be fully yours throughout the entire subscription period.

Third-Party Apps

Another option for how to use two WhatsApp in one number implies installing special apps for the simultaneous use of several accounts. For example, the following third-party apps are the most popular: Multi Parallel, Dual Space, 2Accounts, Clone App, DO Multiple Accounts, etc. These apps run on Android; yet, similar options are available for iPhone users as well.

To create multiple accounts via such apps, it is enough to install utilities and follow a step-by-step guide. Each program has a unique procedure for managing accounts.

Setting Up and Managing Multiple WhatsApp Profiles


Now, let’s consider how to install two WhatsApp in one phone. A tricky thing is that messengers, like WhatsApp Telegram, or others, do not have the “log out” button. It means that users cannot log out by their wish. Thus, you should take an effort to set up parallel space for running another profile.

Depending on the chosen method, guidelines differ. The use of another number implies that you should log in to your account on the website of a fake phone provider via mobile device. Use a mobile browser to connect your profile to your gadget. All messages and calls will be redirected to this account.

When setting up accounts, keep in mind the following tips and tricks to ensure seamless integration:

  1. Organize contacts to avoid mixing and clearly separate your private and business environments.
  2. Manage notifications to timely receive all the needed ones and avoid spam with unnecessary messaging.
  3. Set security limitations to hide personal data and limit the circle of users who can see it.
  4. Use different interface designs and styles to avoid confusing both accounts.

Privacy and Security Considerations


Now, you know that the answer to the question “can I use 2 WhatsApp in one phone?” is yes. Still, do not lose vigilance and remember about security when dealing with apps and online messengers.

The thing is that no one can guarantee 100% confidentiality when specifying personal data on social media. Thus, be careful when using third-party apps. Make sure that they are secure and trustworthy.

When dealing with two-in-one accounts, consider privacy settings and data synchronization.

Remember about potential risks. The main one is data breaches and associated rights infringement, like blackmail. The only way to avoid this drawback is to avoid specifying real data. For this reason, using a fake phone comes as the best solution. Users can enjoy all functionalities of the messenger without disclosing their personal data.

Although the procedure is troublesome, it is possible to create multiple accounts in WhatsApp and use them via one gadget. Several options, such as apps, customizable gadgets, and fake phones exist. The latter is the most convenient and beneficial option. SMSBower is a trusted service provider of virtual phones at affordable prices. Thus, trying this solution will help make your life more effective and convenient.