Buying the First Drone – Guide 2024

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When you want to buy your first drone, you might think you will have to rob a bank but with time it’s becoming affordable and their quality is much better now. If you are a new beginner flying a drone, then you have many options of best ones under $300 with a camera and first-person view for flying option and also bumpers attached to protect the plates and hardware while you are still learning how to fly and handle your drone, then after you get it right you can always move to a costly types with more features. For additional information, you can visit

However, before buying one you must go through few factors, people want to buy a drone for so many reasons so first, you need to decide what purpose will it serve for you maybe you want to buy one to race, maybe you want to share your skills of photography or for children’s just to have some fun, so every drone created cannot serve all your purpose as few have cameras mounted only for selfies and others have it for professional use. Another important factor is its altitude hold which will help you keep the drone hovering at the same altitude without you having to control it.

Secondly, you also want to consider the quality of a camera which means an expensive drone can give you more features than cheaper ones. Most importantly you also need to have knowledge of the Regulation and laws that have been put into place for your state, which states you have to get it registered with the FAA before its first flight and the general rule is to never ever fly a drone exceed 400 feet off the ground and always keep it in eyesight. Now get ready to know about the best drones. The first drone on the list is:

1. DJI Spark Mini Drone

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This one is a little of 300, but if you could add an extra 60 then you can have this beauty from one of the outstanding manufacturers of the drone DJI.

It comes with a camera of 12 MP  mounted on a 2- axis gimbal which is going to give you steady footage while you are recording a video or clicking a shot its works with your mobile when you download the app, as it doesn’t come with a controller which is quite simple. It also has some awesome features like Gesture and Tap fly controls and also smart object detection function inbuilt.


  • Dimension – 5.6″×5.6″×2.2″
  • Weight -1 lbs
  • Camera – 1080p
  • Flight time – 16 minutes
  • Range – 400m

2. Contixo F18

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It is super easy to handle well for beginners who have just started flying. It has a perfect 1 key takeoff and landing function working smoothly with a push of a button. It also features an intelligent function of headless mode or orientation control. It has bright LED lights which makes it easy to fly at night and hence you are not going to lose your drone.

The Contixo F18 features four brush-less motors, which makes this drone have the agility and maximum control on it. And the kit that you get with it is the icing on the cake which comes with a second battery, a waterproof backpack to store it and more other accessories.


  • Dimension: 12 ×12× 6 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Camera: 1080p
  • Flight time: 16 minutes
  • Stabilization: 6 – axis gyroscope

3. MAX Bugs 2

Img source: reports that this is an excellent one under 300 which is easier to fly. It has a 2.4 GHz remote control with 7.4 V 1800 mAh LiPo battery which is two in the kit, extra propellers with a changing tool, a charger, smartphone mount.

It also has with it a brushless motor, that is the drone is equipped with less moving parts making it more compact and also more energy efficient.

Moreover, it is reliable, durable and hence requires less maintenance. The MJX Bugs 2 can stay in the air for almost 20 minutes which is pretty good. It also comes with a headless mode which makes it easy to control. Its GPS reception gives you accurate altitude control hold and returns to the starting point safely.


  • Dimension -16×16×3 inches
  • Weight- 3.55 pounds
  • Camera – 1080p
  • Flight time-15 minutes
  • Stabilization- Walker 2 – axis gimbal

4. LOHOME B2W Bugs 2

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It includes a remote control, 7.4V 1800 mAh LiPo battery, a charger, a silicone rubber ring, a propeller with a changing tool, a screwdriver, a sticker, and a user manual.

It has a smart feature of Wi-Fi which you can connect with your smartphone app and tablet support, this also helps you to create a custom route. This one has a headless mode feature that allows you to fly the drone at an angle and any direction and so you don’t lose your control.

One of the best features is the automatic return way back preventing you from losing it. It offers you many more features after being a cheaper starter drone.


  • Dimension- 16.1×16.1×3 inches
  • Weight- 3.1 pounds
  • Camera-1080p
  • Flight time- 20 minutes
  • Stabilization- 6 -axis gyroscope

5. Holystone HS100

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It comes with a transmitter, 7.4V 2500 mAh LiPo battery, 8GB TF card, a card reader, USB charging cable, four extra propellers for drone, two propeller guards, 4 blade pads, four-blade caps, extra landing feet, some screws for bottom body cover/motors and also some rubber pieces for blades.

One of the best features it has to follow me mode allowing the drone to follow the transmitter. This is a selfie drone which allows you to take a perfect selfie preventing shakiness. This beginner one gives you a great feature of adjusting speed to high or low. This small-sized drone has a very powerful motor helping it to move in bad weather also.


  • Dimension -19.68″×19.68″×6.8″
  • Weight-1.73 pounds
  • Camera- 720 p
  • Flight time-15 minutes
  • Stabilization- 6 – axis gyroscope

So, get going and buy your first amazing camera drone and let your inner photographer work wonders.