4 Ways to Master the Art of Vaping

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Have you ever seen or envied those fancy boys vaping and doing tricks with it? Those rings and heavy clouds with a perfect thick storm of vape look stunning, don’t they? You wish you could do the same. The creative tricks are the best and loveliest things about vaping. However, it takes a lot of skills, practice, and top-notch vaping products to get the results.

Those performers and vapers not only have the skills they have developed over time, but they use some master tricks to make it even more realistic and manageable. Now I cannot tell you how to practice the rings and those tricks, but I have another thing to offer: the best masterful techniques that you will also be able to do if you bring in your vaping.

Of course, I have identified four of those techniques as the most essential, in addition to practice, to make vaping more fun. These include:

  1. Using the best e-juice (premium)
  2. Making use of the best vaping equipment
  3. Using fresh batteries.
  4. Using the full E-juice tank.

There are tons of other things that you can do, but I have chosen these because they are the most essential. So let us dive into the details and make you a master without any further ado.

Use The Best e-Juice and Flavor

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Let’s clarify that excellent and premium things come with a price tag. If you are willing to go down that road, this is the best thing you can do. A premium vape juice or E-juice is the one that comes in not only good packing but with excellent ingredients as well. Usually, a premium E-juice has the best ingredients, including the base.

Mostly, vegetable glycerine (VG henceforth) is used in e-juice. When VG burns in a coil, it produces an intense cloud of thick smoke. VG also carries the flavors because it is fully dissolved in it. However, the thickness of the cloud is also dependent on the ratio of the VG.

Remember the simple e-juice rule: the higher the VG, the better the cloud, and the lower the VG, the lower the cloud.

Premium E-juice comes with an excellent flavor to VG ratio (flavor: VG), which means every time you use it, it will produce a thick cloud that you will be able to mold and use as you please. This is slightly diluted in low-end e-juice, making a very small bluish cloud and not a white cloud worthy of making a ring of your choice.

Make use of the best vaping equipment

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Premium E-juice with a high VG content is not usually used in a premium and better-quality vape. It is just like having octane fuel in a 1952 Nissan. So if you are into the tricks and the masterful art of vaping, you need to spend a few bucks on a premium vaping device. Whether you’re an experienced vaping veteran or a beginner looking for vaping products, you can consider Provape – they’re the most responsive online shopping experience you’ll ever have

What makes it better? There are many things that we can point out – from its coil orientation, coil quality, wattages, and lightning-fast power delivery to better wicks and juice delivery to the coil. What can stop it from making better clouds when everything is in order?

Secondly, premium vapes come with better E-juice delivery and efficiency. The low-end vapes are usually less efficient, and they have their internal design to justify their price, not the delivery of the e-juice right on the coils.

Moreover, premium vapes also have a better grip. Now, why is the grip essential, you ask? Any professional vaper will tell you that the hold of the mouthpiece makes all the difference. Lose grip and an uncomfortable mouthpiece will not only make the experience less satisfying but will not even help achieve mastery. Premium vapes are usually designed for a particular person.

Use Fresh Batteries

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It is a simple equation: the more power you have in your batteries, the better the coil will operate. And the better the coil works, the greater the burning and the thicker the cloud will be.

Straightforward and simple.

If your batteries are ultimately charged and full of power, the punch that pressing the button on the coils will make all the difference. The quick and frequent burning will produce a thick, white, and efficient cloud. Therefore, constantly charge and maintain your vape batteries. Replace them regularly with better, more efficient, and superior ones from our shop. Secondly, always keep an extra pair of batteries handy to ensure you are always running on a full charge and there is no interruption in your practice.

Make Sure You Have a Full E-Juice Tank

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This is, of course, a part of the whole tale. A quality vape and a full charge mean nothing if you don’t have juice in your tank. So the first thing you should do is fill it to the top. This will benefit you in two ways: avoiding dry run and wick and coil burning; you don’t want that bruising sensation, and you don’t want to burn the coil.

The second advantage is the constant and abundant supply of e-juice for the coil. This is critical if you are a strong hitter, as most cloud makers are. The more juice there is, the more it will burn and the greater the cloud. With a few tweaks, you will be able to control your cloud’s direction, form, and thickness.

Final words

Everything good comes with a price, and everything expensive is better in quality most of the time. Tricks with vapes are fun and make you good at vaping and the center of attention at parties. Your friends (and their friends) will envy you for being such an artistic vaper!

So, remember the four golden rules to better vaping; good e-juice, vaping equipment, fresh batteries, and a full e-juice tank. Invest in good and long-lasting vapes and accessories, and you will see a clear difference in your vaping experience.

In addition to these points, remember to practice well because, after all, practice makes perfect!