Camping In the Rain –  A Survival Guide

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All of us love travelling. Some people enjoy package holidays, others – adventure, some choose their homeland to explore, whereas the rest of people go abroad to broaden their horizons. No matter what you prefer, what connects us is the curiosity about the unknown.

Today, we’ll have a closer look at activity holidays, and more precisely- camping. Why just this form of spending our time? Because it’s extremely popular, especially among young people hungry of exciting experiences. They are open to new things and curious about the world. So, they more and more often decide to take a chance on packing their backpack and going to the middle of nowhere, usually in the summer.

Then, there is a wide range of possibilities in front of them. They can go either at the seaside or to the mountains, as well as to different summer festivals. Staying in a luxurious hotel is no longer a spur for the youth. What they want is to sleep under canvas in a beautiful, moon night. However, the reality isn’t always so romantic and hospitable as they imagine.

Sometimes, we can’t predict the weather which will accompany us, or even if it’s going to be sunny and warm, the weather plays tricks on us. What then? RainyAdventures provide us with some useful pieces of advice on what to do and how to behave in such unfavorable circumstances.

  1. Check the weather forecast

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The first step which every holidaymaker should take, before going anywhere, is to check the weather forecast. As simple as it may sound, unfortunately, most of us forget about this thing. Then, at the campsite, we may be quite shocked and even get angry when it starts raining. But always remember to check the local forecast of your camp because it can sharply differ from the weather in your hometown.

If you check the forecast in advance, you can prepare yourself better for the upcoming conditions. For example, you won’t have to worry about suitable and waterproof items of clothing, like a raincoat and wellies.

  1. Choose a good place

After checking the forecast, you should choose a suitable place to organise your campsite. If you have no idea how to do it, you can always ask more experienced friends or follow our hints. The best solution is to go to a spot above ground level, avoiding the vicinity of hills, as well as, rivers, lakes, and streams, which may overflow after a rainstorm.

  1. Take the necessary equipment and supplies

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Preparing for such a trip, you must remember about necessary equipment, ideally a waterproof tent. If you don’t possess one and you don’t want to spend extra money, instead of that, it’ll be enough if you take a flysheet. You could cover your tent with it during heavy rain.

The other helpful things will be blankets, groundsheets, spare tent pegs, and a tarpaulin, which you’ll use to protect yourself against the torrent of rain. Besides that, you should also supply yourself with some food, like canned and dry goods just not to starve to death. Also, if you are going out of the tent during the rain, it is good to have a rain jacket. According to Montem Life it is important to pick a right rain jacket.

  1. Pitch a tent rightly

Once you get to a campsite, the first thing you must do is pitch a tent. While doing that, the best rule thanks to which your whole construction will become stable is to set up your tent on a slight slope. However, leave the entrance to the tent facing downhill. If possible, choose a spot with a kind of a “natural roof”, formed with tree branches.

If you can’t find such a place, spread a tarp over the tent, ideally using ropes and heavy stones to make the structure stronger. And of course, don’t forget about the rainfly which should be put directly on the top of your tent. What’s also important, when you’ve already got soaked, is not to mix wet and dry clothes. So, always leave wet things in a porch, next to the entrance.

  1. Organise your free time activities

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The last tip for you before going camping is to think about the way how you’ll spend free time during the rainy weather. It’s not the best idea to lounge around in the tent and listen to pouring raindrops. It’s just dead boring. That’s why, take with you some board games, cards or Black Stories which will help you pass the time. With all these games close at hand, you’ll while away the hours.

To cut a long story short, you don’t have to worry if you go camping for the first time, or you’re afraid of unpredictable weather conditions. Even if  the weather fails, keeping all the guides mentioned above in mind, you won’t be disappointed. Quite the contrary, rain may only add charm to your expedition.