Can we Trust Online Casinos?

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In recent years, the popularity has increased significantly for online casinos. And today, we have numerous apps for smartphones that we can download and play some from thousands of games online. Online casinos even got more popular than the land-based casinos and significantly affected their publicity.

However, since there are so many online casino companies, the question is, are they all reliable and trustworthy. There are some factors that every player should consider before putting a deposit at any casino account. In this article, we are going to present to you the most important factors that make an online casino safe for you.

Why Some Players Don’t Feel Safe About Online Casinos?

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Some researches say that around 10 percent of people who are gambling through online casino platforms, don’t feel so safe when it comes to sharing their data and depositing money on their accounts. The reasons for that might be that they did not ever believe in casino sites, or they had some bad experiences.

Also, there are a lot of people who think that there are no regulations about online gambling, and how all of that might only be based on an honesty system. However, there are indeed only few casinos that are regulated by law, but that does not mean that any online casino could work without a proper license.

However, if you are interested in reading more about the rules and regulations of online casinos, there are some websites, such as, that are especially for questions and issues with possible problems and misunderstandings that players might have.

What Makes an Online Casino Trustworthy?

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There are many factors that gamblers should pay attention to when they are choosing where to make their account. From those factors, there are three most important ones, and those are reliability, reputation, and safety.

When it comes to reliability, an online casino needs to have correct and fast payouts. One of the main reasons for someone for having some trust issues with online casinos is about payments, and are they going to be in proper time. Also, players are much more interested in sites that have highest speed of payments, because it makes it more reliable.

Another crucial factor that every reliable casino, such as Captain Cooks Casino, must have is reputation. Since there are so many websites today that offer us the possibility of gambling, many players don’t feel safe because they don’t know if those sites are reputable. Every player needs to check the history of every site before creating an account there because sites with a good reputation have a lot of data that show how many people have accounts, and they also share their data with everyone.

Furthermore, the biggest issue with all online casinos is the security and regulations that are making that site safe for gambling, and sharing data with them. More than 10 percent of players find the security of the site to be one of the main reasons for their doubts about the safety of that online casino. It is necessary for an online casino to ensure players with secure withdrawal of money.

Could There Be Any Issues with Payments?

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If you are not sure about the safety of some online casinos, you should check if there are possible issues with payments. The main reason for someone to have trust issues with these sites is the possibility of problems with getting paid. There could be problems like the lower maximum amount that you can withdraw, slower paying, issues with terms of use, or obvious avoidance of bonuses and winnings.

For a regular and trustworthy casino, it is reasonable to have a period of a maximum of two days to pay out their players. Also, if sites have small amounts that you can withdraw at once, that could be a sign that they are not so reliable. Also, in the worst case, you could come across some site that is a complete fraud, and don’t ever get your winnings.

It is very important to read all of the terms of use because there also might be some policies that can go in favor of the owner of the website. If there are some terms which say that players cannot be paid, maybe that site is a fraud. The worst-case scenario is when games at some sites never get you to win, which means that they are a possible scam.

Are There Online Casinos That Cheats?

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Since there are so many of them, there is a big possibility that some of them might be a hoax. The site that is made only as a scam doesn’t get you any awards, and even if you win something, you will need a lot of time to get that many on your account, or you will don’t get it at all.

It is important to check the basic info before you make your account on some online casino platform. When the site has all license and is regulated properly, you can see all of the data about who owns the site, where is the address of the company, email address, and contact.
Also, be sure to download these apps from the app stores like Apple Store, or Play Store, because there you can see the experiences of other players and the ratings of those sites.

Furthermore, reliable sites have customer service that you can contact at any time. When some site has a good reputation, you can see how many players have accounts there. Also, they usually offer free deposits to their players to try out some games before they deposit their own money. Nonetheless, the casino with a good reputation will never cheat, and you can get your winnings in about one day.

Another important indication that some online casino might be a fraud is the design and the engine of the site. That means if some site has a slow speed of games, or it is full of bugs, that could lead to a possible scam. So, beware of the unlicensed casino, and remember to always check where are you depositing your money.