Productivity Hack for Startups: How Automation can Save the Day

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One of the greatest advantages of running a startup or any business in the modern era is the long list of technological benefits. No matter what aspect of your business are you dealing with, the technology is there to save your day. Tasks that used to require days can be done within minutes, thanks to technology.

Additionally, we are all aware of the demanding nature of businesses, especially in the startup stage. The list of things we need to focus on is endless. On top of that, most of the tasks we do are often repetitive, funnily, we don’t even notice it.

To that already long list, none of us want to add menial and repetitive tasks. This is exactly when automation can really save your day. If you embrace automation, you must automate these tasks on technology. Wondering how? Keep reading to learn more.

Why do the numbers alone, when you can automate it? – Accounting

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Accounting is one of the most important aspects of every business and can cost you long hours and valuable resources. No doubt, no business can survive without proper documentation of bills and other finance-related papers. Apart from that, human operations can lead to many irreversible errors, which in the past has cost companies with billions of dollars.

Every month, quarter or year-end, when you try to find invoices and balance, everything, and your accountant tells you it’s not happening, you spend a lot of time reconciling it, rather than growing your business. That is not how it should be. At least not when there are so many AI-enabled tools to take care of your accounting. This doesn’t imply that your part of the work is completely eliminated. However, it will be reduced significantly with benefits like automating calculation, automated filing, etc. So it’s high time you should start looking for the right tool to save your day.

For a business, data is more important than gold. Don’t risk it with human efficiency

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The importance of data in today’s world is unexplainable. Yet, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first year of 2019! Alas, but it’s true. No matter how much we value data, the thing is, data breaches are happening daily.

That is because companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity plans in place. Why? Because recovering data at regular intervals is a very time-consuming task. Plus, you can be easily drawn in other important activities for the day, risking your invaluable data.

You are wondering how automation comes into the picture? Let us explain. Automation of data recovery and backup will eliminate human error and inefficiency. Just like it’s said, accidents don’t come knocking at your door. You will not be pre-informed about the arrival of a virus in your system, or a simple forgetting behavior of your employee.

Thus, in these crisis situations, your automated data backup can prove to be a life savior. Timely backups can ensure that even if something goes wrong, you can minimize the damage it can cause.

Automate website screenshots to minimize human efforts and maximize returns

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Considering the digitization, the next point on my list is automating the process of taking website screenshots. This simple task takes up a huge chunk of our time. Organizations invest human power in it that leads to higher costs than returns. Plus, you can’t ignore the question mark on the accuracy.

Why will you waste your man-force to do such redundant, repetitive, yet relevant tasks when you can instead automate it, saving time and resources, both?

Automation not only travels with the advantages of saving time and accuracy but a lot more. You can set screenshot frequency, that is, at what intervals you would want the screenshot to be captured, you can set multiple URLs, you can set and filter by domain, you can add tags and custom titles too.

Long story short, use these AI-enabled tools to automate the process of website screenshots, and not only reap all the advantages discussed, but also dedicate time to other productive activities. Once you have your own archive right by your side, you have nothing to worry about. Tools like Stillio can come handy for this purpose. The tool allows you to automate the website screenshot process. Click here to know more about this.

Reap the benefits of social media by automating it with the right tools

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In this era, among so many other things, social media has truly turned out to be one of the greatest gifts to businesses. It is difficult to find a business that is not investing its efforts in social media marketing. And there is a reason behind this. Social media has established its name in one of the most important and efficient forms of marketing to reach out to a vast audience in a short span of time. So if you are not utilizing social media yet, it’s high time you should start now.

However, this doesn’t lighten the fact that Social media can extract long and strenuous human hours. Social media is a compilation of various tasks: scheduling, posting, tracking, and the list goes on. But here is the thing; engagement is the most important aspect for you in social media. The catch is, you cannot really automate genuine engagement of your fans, but you can automate other tasks, which gives you more time to engage with your fans.

For instance, you can leave scheduling to Buffer or monitoring to Hootsuite and utilize the time saved for in-depth analysis and strategizing. On the other hand, tools like Canva can help you design images within minutes, thanks to the easy to use templates it provides.

Time is invaluable!

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Lastly, time is the most important resource for every business or individual. In fact, for many, it ranks even above money and efforts, and it should be. You can gain money, you can put more effort, but the time once gone, cannot be brought back. The reason why automation is so vividly capturing every aspect and every industry. It helps you save time and concentrate on more pressing matters.