Do CBD Topical Products Really Work – 2024 Guide

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You have probably heard of CBD at some point or other over the last two years. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill CBD has increased in popularity exponentially. More and more people every day are turning to this as a natural alternative for various issues. There is no denying that this supplement has endless potential and as more studies are being conducted we will be able to have a clearer view on the endless potential that it has in our communities.

In the meantime, we will continue to rely on what user’s state that they experience when using it daily. Some of the most common results are having a calmer demeanor throughout the day, healthier sleep cycles and helping support aching joints and muscles. Users typically state that with consistent usage they experience better results.

In this article we will help walk you through what CBD is at its core and how CBD topical products can potentially be the natural relief you have been looking for.

What is CBD?

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According to CBD is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant family. Unlike its notorious cousin THC, CBD is non-psychoactive so it will not leave users with an intoxicated, “high” feeling. CBD derived from hemp typically has 0.0% THC, however we urge consumers to always double check third party laboratory results to ensure the products they are purchasing are indeed THC-free.

Our bodies naturally have an endocannabinoids system which has both CB1 and CB2 receptors which are able to absorb and process cannabinoids. In the simplest form, CBD is able to bind to these receptors and restore balance in areas that may be causing issues or discomfort.

What CBD Product is Right for Me?

With the demand of cbd-hemp products skyrocketing, more and more products are entering the marketplace, giving consumers more options to choose from. There are numerous ways to consume CBD from tinctures to capsules and many more. One of the most popular ways of consuming is with a CBD topical product such as a cream or balm salve. This type of consumption is extremely effective in providing users external targeted relief.

CBD topical products are arguably the most effective when dealing with external issues such as arthritis and aching joints. With CBD topical products you are able to target the exact spot of discomfort and simply apply the topical to the area(s) causing issue(s).

There are various CBD topical products in the marketplace, some of the most popular products are creams and balm salves. We urge customers to look for products that have minimal ingredients that won’t cause other issues when applied to the skin. Oftentimes consumers will find beeswax and MCT oil as the base for natural topical products.

Navigating the Marketplace

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Now that you know what CBD is and the various product options available it is time to jump into what makes certain brands different from others and how to spot a quality product. We understand that the marketplace is a little oversaturated and making the right choice the first time is not easy. Here are some guidelines you should always follow when choosing the right product for you.

  • USA-Made Hemp – We urge consumers to purchase products that are made from hemp grown domestically in the USA. Here in the USA the department of agriculture overlooks the cultivation of hemp and ensures that hemp is grown in accordance to law. This helps ensure that your products are free of heavy metals and pesticides that are very harmful to your health.
  • Third Party Laboratory Testing –  You always want to make sure you are using products that have been third party laboratory tested for both purity and potency by batch. This means you should be able to find a batch number on your finished product that links directly to third party lab results. This can help ensure what is on the label, is what is on the bottle.
  • Traceability – You always want to make sure the brand you choose has full traceability from seed to sale to ensure the plants that are used are both clean and effective. In addition to this traceability you want to ensure that your products have batch numbers that can trace back and link a third party laboratory result.
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  • Education – Education is a must in this relatively new industry. Many consumers are unsure what CBD-hemp is and how they can use it in their daily routine. You want to look for companies who are committed to educating not only you, but also consumers as a whole. At the end of the day knowledge is truly power and the more you know about these products, the better choice you will be able to make.
  • Credibility – We urge customers to look for brands you have credibility in the industry and have been around for an extended amount of time. Yes, we also believe that you should look at reviews but please keep in mind internal reviews can be manipulated, so looking for external ones as well can be beneficial to consumers as well.
  • Customer Service – Reputable CBD companies should have friendly and educated customer support either through chat, phone or email. Being able to speak to a human is always a perk however if a company responds promptly it is just as good.
  • Natural Ingredients – We urge customers to always look for ingredient lists and ensure all of the ingredients found in the products you are looking for are natural and beneficial to your health. After all you get out what you put in. If you are putting in harmful substances you shouldn’t expect incredible results.
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These are all important pointers for navigating the marketplace, and as standard we urge customers to monitor their expectations accordingly because when it comes to CBD it is not about what you feel, but more about what you don’t feel anymore. We hope these pointers help you navigate the marketplace a little easier and we hope you are able to find the right product for you!