Celebrities That Always Wear Leather Jackets


Fashion is dynamic and fashion trends are always changing. We see different products at different parts of the year. A fashion style enters in industry and everyone adopts that, after some time it fades, and another trend emerges, and the cycle goes on. But leather jackets are always in fashion. Leather is an ancient material, which is used for various purposes and one of them is as apparel.

Leather jackets are the most common leather product, which is never out of fashion. The durability and toughness of leather make it one of the most used materials for jackets. People like to wear leather jackets for bike riding, for parties, and everyday activities as well. The use of leather jackets is not limited to common people. Celebrities are also crazy about leather jackets.

They wear leather jackets of different styles and colors to enhance their personality. Some celebrities try different materials and styles, while others prefer leather jackets whenever they have to go out. If you want to get any leather jackets similar to what these celebrities wear, check out ultimateapparels.com. Here is the list of some celebrities that always wear leather jackets.


Bradley Cooper is a famous American actor and filmmaker. He is one of the finest actors, the film industry has. He was nominated for various awards many time and have won many of them. The actor is known for his charming personality and is always seen in leather jackets. Like all other celebrities, he likes to wear black leather jackets. Usually, he wears real leather jackets, which are stylish yet very decent.


The famous Titanic star is also a fan of leather jackets. However, is likes to experiment and is bold in his choices. He has seen in many different and unique colored leather jackets. The young actor has millions of fans around the world, who follow his fashion style. So, if you see a Leonardo Fan in an orange leather jacket, don’t ask any questions!

The Great’ Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is no more, but he has millions of fans, who still love his voice and appreciate his style. He was always seen in leather jackets. How we can forget his famous red and black leather jacket. He was worn military leather jackets in many of his songs. His style is popular even now and people love him even more.


Brant Daugherty is an emerging young actor. People know him with his role in fifty shades of Freed, which was a big hit at the box office. The young actor is always seen in leather jackets. He looks graceful in a black leather jacket and the look has increased the number of his fans.


Tom Cruise is a fine actor and a very stylish human being. The versatile actor has played different roles in his career. movies like Top guns and mission impossible have established him as a great actor. In these movies, he was seen wearing bomber jackets. He also likes to wear Café racer. Tom prefers black leather jackets, but he looks great in military jackets too.


Dwayne is a successful actor with polished acting skills. He is also known for wearing stylish leather jackets. Most of the characters he plays on screen need support from the outfits and black leather jackets suit him well.


Ryan is also one of those celebrities who love to wear leather jackets, but Ryan is also seen wearing a leather coat, which people love. The young actor has a very charming personality and leather jackets play a great role to make his personality more pleasing.


Women are not behind when it comes to wearing leather jackets. Stylish actresses like Kate Upton are also seen in leather jackets. The beautiful actress looks very attractive in a black slim fit leather jacket. She wears simple yet stylish jackets, which suit her personality.


Alessandra is another female celebrity, who likes to wear leather jackets. She was spotted many times in black leather jackets, not only in movies but in real life as well. She is a very stylish actress with millions of fans. Her fans copy her style and that is how casual thing becomes fashion.


Kendall is known for her casual looks, but it does not mean she is not trendy. She keeps her fashion very decent yet stylish. She is seen in black leather jackets many times. She likes short leather jackets, which enhance her personality.

This is a list of few celebrities, who like to wear leather jackets more. It’s hard to find a celebrity who was never seen in a leather jacket. The leather jacket is a permanent fashion, which gives a classic look to everyone. Celebrities prefer leather, as it’s a style statement. If you want a stylish look, leather jacket is the easiest way!