8 Reasons to Consider Using a Chatbot on Your Business

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You’ve probably visited a whole bunch of websites in your life, and suddenly, a chat window appears, usually at the angle on the right side, down. They are inviting you to talk to them, to ask some questions, and encourage you to stay on the website, and use their services. According to the marketing experts, it can increase the revenue every year, because the users feel like they can communicate directly with the brand’s representatives, and get the answers they need.

According to fc-networks.com, chatbots are an artificial intelligence product that is integrated with the company’s website. The goal is to increase the levels of communication with potential clients. It’s not that the bot is answering the question, but it’s catching some of the keywords, recognize the content, and offers an answer to it. As the business grows, the person who is working on it should always update it, according to the new products and changes, improving the language and communication skills of the bot.

They were first invented back in 1966, to improve communication at MIT. Today, a lot of websites are using it. That’s the popup that says “Hello” to you or asks you if you need any help. They are programmed to store the responses of the clients and help the developers and marketing team to construct new responses with helpful information. As time goes by, they are becoming more and more advanced, so they are improving the communication skills, just like you are talking to other people, they understand the client’s text and context, and they become well-trained bots.

Using them for your business can be beneficial in many ways, including:

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  1. They are available 24/7

No matter where your visitor is coming from, or what time it is, the chatbots are available all the time. That means, they can provide some basic service to the potential customer, and give them instructions on who to call, and when. In many cases, the client resolved the issue by following those instructions. At least, they are getting relevant information about phone numbers and person for contact. Some people hate them, but those who find them useful, really get the wanted service.

  1. They are patient answering every question

Clients may ask a lot of questions, that can make the customer care employees crazy, especially if they’ve already given the answer. But the bots are patient, and they can answer the same questions all over again, without losing their mind. The client is getting an instant message immediately, and all these responses are based on previous work, keywords, artificial intelligence at point, and recorded previous questions and answers. Even though the customer knows he/she is talking to a machine, these machines are so advanced that sometimes they provide even better service compared to the people who work there.

  1. There is always space for improvement

The people can have an influence over the bots since they are making them smarter and better over time. Sometimes, a person can deny improving the skills or taking more responsibilities for them, but the bot will never do that. They aren’t perfect, but you can still hold onto them, especially after working hours. Next morning someone will anyway check them and provide the service the customer demanded.

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  1. Presence on every messaging platform

The bots aren’t only used on websites as plugins. They can be connected with your social media platforms, and messenger apps like Viber, Telegram, or WhatsApp. Try to see how you can do it, because many other businesses already have the same option, and they are encouraging the customers to take an active part in promoting their products after they buy something.

  1. Customers can even place an order through the bot

Is there anything better than the completely automated process of giving the details for the order, and having it processed immediately, and delivered to you in a short time? A lot of clients find it useful to have a conversation with the “computer on the other side“, and they have a really positive experience with that.

  1. Insights in the clients’ behavior

The bots aren’t there just to make simulations of real conversations. They also collect important data according to the user’s experience, their orders, how they navigate through the website, giving a deep insight to the business owners about what the clients really want from them. As they track the consumers’ behavior, they can use the data to analyze the whole situation and find appropriate solutions for the problems. Also, it helps to improve the whole strategy, or even reinvent it as needed, everything for a better client experience.

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  1. Available on the global market

Do you know that you can integrate a few languages in your bot, and the users can choose the one they understand? That makes you available all around the world, for every potential customer. It’s always better to have someone check on this because some mistakes can be done in the translation. But, if you don’t understand the other language, or you don’t have anyone who will work on that data, then stick to English or your native language, so you can provide a better service.

  1. It saves a lot of money

Some big corporations should have a 24/7 customer support deparclass=”id10″ tment, especially if they are network providers or any other service that should be available for the clients. But, in smaller companies, every dollar is valuable, and initially, the chatbots like zebrabuzz.com can save a lot of money on labor, and paying extra for night shifts. You only have to invest in the right plugin or a developing company that will make it for you.

As you can see, chatbots are still an important part of the marketing strategy. Having them will not only make you recognizable among the clients, but it will also help you engage them, listen to their opinion, ask for suggestions, and get exceptional reviews for your work. By that, you are creating new channels to promote your next products and services, without investing in expensive marketing strategies, that may not be effective as the bots and their presence on your pages.