Do Chinese Sex Dolls Have Their Own Unique Charm – 2024 Review

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You have probably once heard people talk about how Asian, and especially Chinese, women are very attractive and charming. If you are a man, you have probably once thought yourself how feminine they are because of their complexion, height, voice, and demeanor in general.

There is even something known as “Yellow fever” about how attractive Asian women are to white men. Yet many are unable to fulfill that desire of theirs to date the Chinese or simply do not want it, but it remains a fantasy. Nowadays, it is possible to fulfill this fantasy due to the growing popularity of sex dolls, which have a completely realistic look.

And according to the data of manufacturers and sellers of sex dolls, those that look like Chinese women are the best sellers. Do Chinese sex dolls have their own unique charm and many other answers regarding this topic, you will get in this article.

The growing popularity of Chinese sex dolls


For years, they are no longer something strange and weird but have become a completely mainstream thing. They have become a very popular substitute for masturbation, and sales have skyrocketed. Especially with the huge improvements that have made Chinese sex dolls frighteningly similar to living people. They have become hyper-realistic and generally accepted, so no one is ashamed to buy them anymore.

We can freely say that they have become the most popular sex toys in the world. We can discuss what other sociological reasons influenced the popularity, but that is not the topic of this text. What the manufacturers offer you is to fully customize your doll. When we say completely, we mean it. Every little part, and there are also already “finished” models. What is a clear trend is that the best-selling models are ones whose look is inspired by Chinese women. And what attracts so many men?

Yellow fever

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No, we don’t mean the mosquito-borne virus. Yellow fever is an expression of the great attraction that my men feel towards Asian women. It can also be considered a derogatory name, although it is widely used. It is also called Asian fetish. It is not certain how this phenomenon originated and why it spread so much to the Western world, but it probably dates back to the distant past and Geishas.

In general, Chinese and other women from the Far East are considered to be a concept of femininity and to be ideal wives. It is also known that Asian women are attracted to white men, which leads to the fact that we have 3 times more marriages between Asian women and white men than vice versa. All this has led to the flourishing of sex tourism in the Far East, where hundreds of millions of men come just because of their Asian fetish.

While seemingly not something dangerous, it has many bad effects on people, such as an increase in crime, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the sexual exploitation of children and much more. That is why dolls have become more and more popular, because they fulfill fantasies, without the possibility of anyone being hurt in any way.

What is the special charm of Chinese sex dolls?

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Although the predominant issue here is the attractive physical appearance of Chinese women, men in the subconscious also have a submissive character of Chinese women, which further contributes to the charm of these dolls. The ideal of beauty in China obviously fits the ideal of the beauty of western men too who simply adore beautifully groomed hair and skin and overall look. This is a very strange phenomenon, since the general ideals of beauty in the Western world are completely different. Asian women are known to use the most skin and hair care products of all women in the world. The specific way of makeup is also very interesting.

Then their naturally small bodies can be faithfully presented on Chinese sex dolls, which further enhances realism. Small feet are also the subject of the fetish of many men. They are also considered very approachable because their behavior is not as arrogant as many women in the West. All these characteristics, both physical and mental, make Chinese sex dolls have a unique charm, like no other. Visit here to see how Chinese sex dolls have all the characteristics of Chinese women, such as body and facial features.

Advantages of use

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There are many benefits to using sex dolls compared to toys and risky sexual behavior. First, it is completely safe and always available. There is no risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, which is a big global problem. Also, they are made of such materials that there is no risk of irritation or other problems, it is only important that you maintain it regularly. Then they are always there for you.

Whenever you have sexual desire, you have your own doll. It will fulfill all your fantasies, primarily for Asian women, but also everything else, because you can customize. Don’t think that this is only for single people. More and more couples are using it to spice up their sex life. They are thought to reduce the number of cheating precisely because of this. All this makes this a very good choice for many people.

Doll brothels

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How popular this phenomenon has become is also shown by the fact that brothels are open all over the place, where dolls “work” instead of women. And you’re probably guessing which models are the most popular. Those who have the appearance of Chinese women are most popular. Everything is completely legal, even in countries where prostitution is not otherwise legal. And of course it’s cheaper than real brothels.


The positive impact of Chinese sex dolls is much greater than just satisfying sexual needs. Many Chinese and generally Asian women living all over the world have experienced various awkward situations, because of their race. They are often the object of men’s fetish and this is not pleasant at all, because they are not viewed as persons, but only as fetish.

Dolls are therefore used by many to realize their fantasies, rather than trying to fulfill their fantasies with real women. The only thing to pay attention to is that in this way a person does not become completely antisocial and forgets that he needs the company of people.