Get Rid of Bleeding Piles Within 30 Minutes Permanently – 2024 Guide

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Are you suffering from piles? Have tried all types of treatment but couldn’t find relief from your bleeding piles? Well! Here we will discuss the most advanced laser treatment procedure that can help you get rid of bleeding within 30 mins permanently.

What are piles?

Pile also known as the hemorrhoid is a common condition that affects around 40-50% of individuals all over the world. It makes passing stool painful, causes discomfort, and itches near the area, and one may also experience blood passing from the stools. Piles, or hemorrhoids, are swollen or inflamed tissues that develop at the anal region. Pile is an outgrowth of the tissues and veins in the anal mucosa of the rectal wall. The size and number of piles can vary from person to person.

Types of Piles

  • Internal piles – Internal hemorrhoids occur 2-4 cm above the opening of the anus within the anal sphincter. They are often painless as there are few pain-sensing nerves in the rectum. Hemorrhoids are graded on a scale from I to IV. Grade I & II hemorrhoids are usually not visible as they are present inside the anal lining. Grade III appears outside the anus at times, but it can be re-inserted within the anal lining by gently pushing with your fingers. Grade IV is the complex one and cannot be pushed back in. In grades III or IV, surgery may be necessary.
  • External piles – External hemorrhoids occur on the outside region of the anus beneath the skin surrounding it. They can be seen and felt with fingers and are usually larger in size and are painful.
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Symptoms of Piles

For external piles, the symptoms are:

  • Painful swelling around the anus
  • Itching around the anus
  • Bleeding after a bowel movement
  • Swelling around the anus

For internal piles, the symptoms are:

  • Painless bleeding after a bowel movement
  • Pain and irritation around the anus when the piles get pushed externally

What are the various causes of Piles

Piles commonly result due to the weakening of tissues in the anal region which supports the blood vessels. There are various causes that may result in piles. Some of which include:

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  • Sitting for longer periods
  • Poor hygiene practices
  • Overweight
  • Constipation for a prolonged period
  • Diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Family history of piles

How to Get rid of piles within 30 mins Permanently?

Piles are quite a common problem amongst people. A lot of people suffer from it, have suffered from it in the past, or are suffering but unaware of it. Those whose hemorrhoids are situated within the anal lining may be experiencing pain and discomfort while passing stool without knowing piles to be the reason. There are also people who are reluctant to talk about their piles’ problems due to which they suffer from other health problems like anemia, blood clots, and even strangulated hemorrhoids.

Whether you are suffering from external hemorrhoids or internal ones you can get rid of them in just 30 mins. With the help of the most advanced technologies, most recommended by the USFDA you can get rid of your piles permanently in just a span of 30 minutes. Laser treatment is one such method of treating piles which ensures treating piles in just 30 minutes. These treatments are painless, safe, effective, and most recommended procedures with minimal recovery time.

Renowned clinics emphasize to provide treatment to their patients with LASER energy for all anorectic conditions like piles, fistula, fissures and etc. This clinic offers you a comprehensive list of top laser specialists for piles treatment.

What is done during the Laser Treatment for Piles?

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Laser Surgery is one of the most effective treatment options available to treat piles. Laser treatment for piles ensures minimal incisions and no damage to adjoining tissues.

The laser surgery is carried out under anesthesia. Laser energy, in the form of radial fiber, is transmitted on the submucosal haemorrhoidal nodes. The radiation is passed precisely on the affected area, shrinking the abnormal tissue by ceasing the blood supply towards it. The charring of the abnormal tissue limits or zeroes the chances of any recurrence of piles. The whole procedure is completed within a span of 30 minutes.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery has a lot of advantages over traditional methods of treating piles such as:

  • Less painful than traditional methods, no post-operative pain
  • Speedy recovery, as less as just a week
  • The action of the anal sphincter is preserved, so there are no chances of incontinence or fecal leak
  • The less invasive technique, minimal incision, and scar formation.
  • Short procedure and cost-effective as one can leave the hospital immediately after their surgery
  • No dietary restrictions or lifestyle changes needed.
  • Chances of recurrence are negligible.
  • One can resume their daily routine activities in a week or two.
  • No follow-ups after treatment are completed.
  • Patients are highly satisfied with the treatment.

How to choose the best clinic for advanced laser treatment?

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At professional and well-reviewed clinics, a patient is carefully monitored and guided throughout the treatment. They are helped by a patient buddy throughout the procedure. The patient buddy will guide them in choosing a medical facility, help them with booking appointments, provide pick-up and drop-off, insurance facility, and effectively manage the whole treatment process. So, that you can sit back, relax, and get your piles treated tension-free.


There are numerous doctors who can provide you with piles of treatment, but only the best will be able to provide the most advanced piles of laser treatment. At clinics such as Pristyn Care, you will be spoilt with choices to choose from a list of expert surgeons. They ensure that all the patients receive satisfactory and effective treatment, curated according to their needs so that their piles are treated only in the best possible method.