7 Best Chromecast Alternatives in 2024

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Google Chromecast is one of the best devices on the market that could help you to easily connect various devices with Wi-Fi connection and can serve as excellent entertainment or even as a business tool. This device can be connected with the TV with HDMI, and allow you to use your phone as a remote. This is perfect for watching various streaming services like YouTube or Netflix, and many more.

However, if you are interested in similar products from other brands, or you just don`t like Chromecast and consider changing it for some similar device, we are going to introduce you to some of the best Chromecast alternatives that you can buy in 2024.

1. NVidia Shield TV

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The Shield TV from NVidia, which is most popular as a producer of high-quality graphics cards, is a streaming device where you can also play games besides watching other content. Also, this device provides the user with the amazing experience of watching the videos in 4K resolution and a high-quality sound provided with Dolby ATMOS and surround system.

Shield TV has support for Android devices with Google Play Store, where you can install all kinds of apps like Hulu, Netflix, or Play Station Vue. What makes this device special is its ability to cast games from PC to TV, or play games directly from a TV with Ge Force Now cloud service. The only disadvantage might be the high price, and you have to buy additional controllers for gaming.

2. Roku Streaming Stick+

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There are few advantages over Chromecast when you choose Roku Streaming Stick+, such as support for 4K resolution, and separate interface, which means that you could use it without your smartphone. It has a simple interface, and the same method for connection, via HDMI port on your TV.

Another benefit of using this device is that there is an additional remote for easier streaming. Furthermore, Roku Streaming Stick+ has implemented Dolby audio system which is suitable for 5.1 or 7.1 surrounds. Also, it supports almost all of the most popular streaming platforms, while the only downside is that there is no voice control.

3. Amazon Fire TV 4K

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The Amazin has lots of various devices that you can connect to your TV or smartphone for streaming or some other purposes. One of their latest products is the Fire TV, which you can connect with HDMI, and use for watching HBO, Netflix, and other streaming platforms on your TV. Since most of the smart TVs are still to slow and have a poor configuration, a device like this one can improve your experience of watching various content in many ways.

Some of the best advantages of replacing your Chromecast with this one are simple interface, a lot of free stuff if you are a premium user, high-quality streaming, and the App Store. Also, you can use voice control with Alexa on this device. One the other side, lack of YouTube is the only limitation.

4. Amazon Fire TV Cube

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This product represents a combination of other Amazons products, where they managed to place the best from Fire TV and Amazon Echo in one product. There is a wide possibility for connecting this device with other ones besides the TV, like blue ray player, gaming console, or some others. Also, you can use Alexa voice assistance.

Besides having an integrated voice command and the ability to connect with plenty of devices, there are other benefits like 4K quality, HDR, and Dolby sound system. The downside is the same as in the previous one, there is no option to watch YouTube videos. Also, some people find it a little pricier, since it is way more expensive than most of the similar products.

5. Roku Ultra

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This device represents an upgraded version of Streaming Stick+, which is more powerful and comes with increased features. Roku Ultra comes with the implemented quad-core processor, which allows you high-quality streaming, and a better interface. Also, it comes with a remote controller that supports voice control.

The best functions of this device are simple navigation, support for all popular streaming platforms like Disney+, YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, and more. Also, there is a lot of free stuff, and you have an additional AUX connection for your headphones. On the other side, there should be better voice control, since you can only use it as a searching option.

6. AirTame

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Well, this product is not an actual rival to Chromecast, but it has some functions that you can use to replace your other streaming devices with AirTame. With this device that looks like a regular USB, you can cast content from Windows, macOS, or Linux, on the TV by using a wireless connection. It is very useful for business meetings, where you can cast some presentations in a much simpler way.

Its greatest advantages are wide options for connectivity and support of various software, while downsides are its high price, which is around 300 dollars, and the required installation of the AirTame app for casting the content from that device.

7. Apple TV 4K

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When it comes to Apple products, we can only expect user-friendly devices that are simple to use, with outstanding performances. And that is the case with their answer to Google Chromecast, the Apple TV 4K. This device supports 4K resolution with HDR, and has the A10X processor, like in some much complex devices, like iPad Pro. That leads to wide possibilities, and you can play some high-quality games on the TV with this one too.

There are two versions of Apple TV 4K, the one with 32BG and another with 64GB of storage memory, which means that you can download lots of music and videos on this modern type of remote control and casting device. Furthermore, you can download high-quality movies in Blue-ray format much cheaper, and use Siri as your voice control. However, you have to be careful with the remote, since it looks a little too weak, which was the price for its amazing design. Also, it is way more expensive than similar products, but it provides the user with the highest possible experience from such a device.