Collarspace – Website Review 2024

Img source: is a network for persons who are practicing BDSM as a part of their lifestyle. The basis of the site is SSC: sane, safe, and consensual. It promotes itself as a safe environment where various types of discrimination are not going to be tolerated and that all opinions are respected for every individual. The website has around half a million unique visits per month, and around 15,000 daily logins. Moreover, you should know that the website has around 1,600,000 members from all over the world. Naturally, the largest percentage comes from the United State. This website can be described as a community of like-minded and open-minded people when it comes to sexuality.

On the other side, you are going to stumble across people who are looking for love. This is not uncommon in collarspace. However, you need to navigate a couple of dozens dormant and findommes accounts before you find someone that wants exactly that. Still, we feel that you will find everything that you would like pretty easily. Even though you will see that some profiles are not active for a good number of years, you can always check for a list of people that is currently online while you are on the homepage. Now we are going to walk you through some of the key features, pros, and cons of this website.

Key Features

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There are several key features that we feel should be mentioned since they are pretty important for getting the grasp of the website and its vibe.

  • Transparent profiles; You will come across profiles who openly discuss their sexual activities and what they like. Also, you will find some that strictly set some limits.
  • Journals; Updating your profile with various types of content is something that is encouraged by the website itself and other users. You can use a wide array of them, like audio and video.
  • Sex-based search; If you have some sexual preferences, you search for that will be pretty effective since the website offers you an impressive search engine.
  • Images; You are going to be able to send some images rather than just messages.
  • Transparency; You will have a much easier time finding the right person for you since you will be able to see who viewed your profile and who finds your profile interesting.
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  • The website is completely free to use and communicate with other people.
  • Sexual preferences are displayed on profiles, with hard limits.
  • Several types of content you can upload and share from your profile, like audio, video, and text journals.


  • No smartphone app.
  • Outdated site interface, layout, and design.
  • No formal matching algorithm.

The Bottom Line

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Collarspace is a website that can be described as the 2005 version of the popular social platform MySpace. However, it has an interesting spin of community that openly practices the BDSM lifestyle. Based on your personal preferences, you are going to be open to express in the way that fits you and your needs. Some people described as a shameless erotic dating playground due to the openness of the content that is shared and displayed on accounts. However, we feel like every community of people needs to have their playground.