5 Cool Home Renovation Ideas

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Are you getting tired of your traditional decor and looking to shake things up a bit? A cool home renovation idea might be just what you need to make your living space more original this year. There are various projects and additions that will not only add a unique touch, but also functionality. You could even invest in entertainment features for your property such as an in-home bowling alley, sports court, or theater. As well as having fun creating imaginative designs, you can add significant value to your home. Consider it an investment for the future. Whether you’re going for practicality, or something to surprise your guests, here are five cool home renovation ideas.

In-home bowling alley

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Can you imagine anything cooler than an in-home bowling alley? You can play a few lanes whenever you like and really work on your skills. Invite people over for a little friendly competition in the evenings. It’s a great way to wind down after a long day, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Bowling is fun for kids and adults of all ages and will help you stay active even during the winter months. An in-home bowling alley will bring you and your family years of enjoyment.

According to www.murreybowling.com, not only will an in-home bowling alley add to the entertainment value of your property, but it will give it a unique selling point. An in-home bowling alley is hard to come by and a desirable luxury feature. You can customize your bowling alley to work with the size and style of your home. There are various design options to choose from. Find out more about installing the right in-home bowling alley for you.

Indoor sports court

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If you’re not so much a fan of bowling, there are several other indoor sports courts designs you can try. Whether you’re a talented athlete, or love sport as a hobby, you could certainly do with a great place to practice. You could even have a game with guests whenever you like. There are plenty of indoor sports courts that are suitable for residential properties. These include basketball, racquetball, tennis, and badminton. You can even double-up courts for a variety of sports if you have the equipment.

Indoor sports courts are space dependent. If you have a large interior you could renovate one of the rooms, or basement. Alternatively, you could build a separate addition for your sports court. Either way, it will be a fairly big and expensive project, but should add value to your home. Having your own sports facilities is also one of the best ways to stay motivated. You won’t even need to leave the house to get in shape.

In-home theater

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An in-home theater is a great addition to any game room or entertainment suite. You can enjoy the latest movies and TV series using only the best in-home theater systems, for awesome sound quality and HD technology. An in-home theater is quite a versatile option, you can choose the size you want, and whether you want to dedicate its own room or add to another part of the house. Once you’ve invested in the furniture and equipment of your choice, you can then start to save money on movie tickets and overpriced snacks.

There are several benefits of an in-home theater. It creates the atmosphere of the cinema yet even more relaxed. You’ll have your own private space and you can pause the movie whenever you like. You can add a bar or snack area nearby if you desire. It’s totally up to you which movies or shows you play and a great way to bond with the entire family.

Secret bookcase door

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Have you always wanted a secret passage in your home, or a hidden room? You can achieve this with a secret bookcase door. They’re actually easier to install than you might think and can be custom-made to fit a variety of spaces. Whether it’s for security purposes or the fun factor, a bookcase door is certainly an original feature. There are several common uses of a bookcase door including home theater, playroom, or man cave doors, speakeasy bar door, or even as the private entrance home office or secure room for valuables.

Bookcases are also a lovely decorative feature. You can use them to display your favorite ornaments as well as your literature collection. If you work with the right designer, no one will even know it’s secretly a door. It’s best to invest in a bespoke bookcase door, to ensure quality craftsmanship and exact fit. You can also get one with automated features. Access your secret room with a remote control or app on your smartphone.

Suspended loft bed

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If your space is limited or you’re simply looking for a cool place to sleep, check out these suspended loft bed ideas. You can build an extra level into a bedroom or small apartment and even install stairs leading up to it. If you’re installing a loft bed on the top floor you could even fit an annex window above it. This way you can sleep directly under the stars. An annex window will also add extra ventilation.

Loft beds are designed mostly for convenience but they can actually make really cool features. Tall ceilings aren’t even necessary. With clever carpentry, you can build a low loft bed with spacious cabinets underneath. This can be done using reclaimed wood, for example, for a rustic feel. It’s possible to make even smaller low-cost loft beds look chic. If you’ve always liked the idea of some kind of stylish bunk beds for adults, then opt for a suspended loft bed with an original design.

There are plenty of cool ways you can renovate your home without compromising on style. Impress your friends and family with unique yet practical design features this year. If you’re thinking of making a fun addition to your property, contact your local professional contractor.