Tricks to Decorate your Home without Big Changes – 2024 Guide

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How to get a living room decoration without works. Do you think it is not possible? Is it time for renovations?

As a general rule, we tend to associate this term with works. But they really are different concepts that do not have to go hand in hand. When we think of works, it seems that the world is upon us: noise, dust, days without rest, etc. In addition, lack of time or fear of not having enough money to meet the costs, influence our decision-making.

Many families begin their renovations in the living room, and it is not surprising, because it is one of the most important corners of the house. It is the heart of a home, where most of your family’s social life takes place. It is your space of tranquility, where you lie down to read, watch television, or enjoy family games. It is also the room where you accommodate the guests, the first or only room in the house that they will see, and from which they will get a lot of information about who you are. That is why the living room has to be as you want it.

Tricks for the decoration of your living room

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Don’t panic! Decoration does not always involve works. It is possible that with small remodels in the living room of your house you can achieve great improvements in the home. Next, we detail the tricks that you can take into account to renew the style of your living room without having to suffer the consequences of work.

Interior doors in light tones

One of the tricks to decorate a home without doing works is to install interior doors in light tones. White lacquered doors can offer your living room or any room the spaciousness you need. You can find different models of interior doors at, all made with high-quality materials.

Enlarge the living room

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Open spaces are in fashion, and it will allow you to enjoy a much more spacious and bright living room. But clearly, for you to adopt this concept, you will need a job, how can you enlarge the room without throwing down walls? Very simple, although it sounds contradictory, small furniture dwarfs the room, while large furniture does the opposite. The trick is that you clear the living room as much as possible, incorporate custom wall-to-wall or ceiling-to-floor furniture, and, very importantly, with the same tone as the wall. In this way, you will have achieved that the living room breathes a fresher and more spacious air. Another trick is to avoid furniture near the windows. This way you will gain more natural light.

The layout

When you start decorating, before getting into the details, it is important that you start with the large pieces of furniture. Remember that small furniture will make your living room lose space. For this reason, you should place the large pieces first: the sofa, the coffee table, the television cabinet … keep in mind the location of the windows and radiators. Once you have placed the essential furniture, it is time to give it a more personal touch by choosing the accessories.

Play with fabrics

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Linen and cotton upholstery are the stars when decorating your living room. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. Try to choose two colors, mainly white, to provide more light and a feeling of spaciousness, and with the secondary color decorate all the pieces of the sofa.

Light floors

As we have been saying, white tones can be your “ace up your sleeve.” It is the best trick for you to take advantage of all the natural light that enters and thus create a greater sense of spaciousness in the living room. Whether it is parquet, tile, microcement, or carpet, a light floor always enlarges the space.

Enlarge the windows

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Are the windows in your living room small? Windows can give more or less a feeling of spaciousness to your living room. Changing them can be a very expensive option. For this reason, decorators use little tricks to achieve the same effect. In this case, the curtain rod has to be longer than the window. It’s that easy!

Indirect lights

Good lighting is essential for well-being and professional decoration. Don’t settle for overhead light, and indirect lighting can help create a warmer room without dark areas. Make sure that no corner is left unlit: A floor lamp, a table, or a reading lamp, can give the living room the touch you need.

How much can the decoration of your living room cost?

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There are cases in which the work is inevitable, either because the family has increased or because you simply need a change in your life. In order not to exceed the cost and not see you in trouble, it is necessary to be very clear about what your needs are and how they can be solved.

Once you know the changes you want to make in your living room, it’s time to get down to work. The cost can depend on several factors, but below you will see an estimate of what your next renovation could cost.

Space distribution

If, in the case of opting for the “open space” concept, in order to integrate the living room with the kitchen, it is necessary to demolish the walls, and therefore to change the structure. The cost of this type of work varies depending on the work to be done. Its cost would be approximately 1,000 GBP.

Change the floor

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If you need to completely change the floor of the living room, its price varies depending on the materials you use. A wooden floor is not the same as a synthetic floor. Its cost would be around € 1,000.


Key in any cozy living room. In order to bring warmth to your new living room, lighting plays a very important role. Before making a decision, you have to take into account the amount of natural light that you will get thanks to the ‘open space’ concept. In any case, we estimate a cost of 800 GBP.


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There are always things that you can take advantage of or renew with a coat of paint. But if your intention is to change absolutely all the furniture in the living room, perhaps this is where most of the expense is concentrated, which would be close to 2,000 GBP.

Your living room renovation could add up to a total of approximately 4,700 GBP. The living room is the most important space in the house, it is where you spend more time, the room that all your guests know.