What Is the Average Cost of a Furnace Repair Service

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Hiring a maintenance crew to come to your home to fix your furnace requires a budget of its own. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know what time of the year repair rates for your furnace will be more favorable. Different furnace servicing companies like Anderson Air charge different amounts when it comes to the cost of a furnace repair.

Before looking for a furnace to keep you warm in the cold months, it would be good to ask around about maintenance and repair for your furnace. The rates you pay to have your furnace repaired depend on the parts that you fixed.

Instead of waking up to surprising cold nights unprepared, you can ensure that you have funds waiting for a rainy day. Regular maintenance and using your furnace correctly could save you from spending anything extra on repairs. This article reveals what you should expect to spend on furnace repairs as a homeowner.

Average Cost of Furnace Repair

The average furnace repair cost is between $130 and $479. If you are lucky enough to find an affordable repairs team, it can cost you as little as $100 on average. However, it can cost up to $1,200 in repairs depending on the type of furnace you have.

When your furnace breaks down in any way, it often happens in single parts. Technicians charge per part. Sometimes repairs come accompanied by replacements which means additional expenditure. When we break down the average cost and repairs of a furnace piece by piece, it’s easier to tell how much it will cost.

Control Circuit boards

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It’s common for some delicate parts of your furnace, such as the circuit board, to need repairs. For example, older furnaces are often likely to have control circuit board malfunctions. The lowest possible amount you will pay for the control circuit board is $200. Repairs on a cheap model will cost only that much.

If you want an expensive model repaired, get ready to part with about $600. It’s a delicate part that plays a significant role in ensuring that a furnace keeps running. Things work out better for you when you have a sustainable model.


This part in your furnace adjusts the voltage that your furnace uses to lower it. The transformer is often a challenge to repair. Technicians combine replacements with labor when charging for them. You can play your part and prepare about $112 for repairs.

Draft Inducer Motor and Blower Motor

Motors within a furnace are likely to need repairs at some point. One of those motors is the draft inducer motor. It plays an essential role in eliminating carbon monoxide from your home.

Carbon monoxide presents a safety issue as emissions can go unnoticed. The draft inducer is, therefore, a mandatory part to have in your furnace. Unfortunately, its repairs can set you back as much as $800.

A blower motor, on the other hand, ensures there is hot air entering your home. It costs about $300 to repair a faulty blower motor. If your technician suggests repairs, you might have to pay a higher price than that for it.


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A broken thermostat directly affects the functionality of your furnace. Different things could be wrong with your thermostat to warrant repairs. Some common issues with your thermostat may include;

  • Wiring issues
  • Old age
  • Blown fuse

The highest amount that your technician could charge for repairs is $300. You can also choose to go the other way and replace it.


There is often not much that a technician can do when the coil in your furnace malfunctions. Replacing a coil which could cost an average of $1300, is your only alternative.

Flame Sensor

Often it’s only a gas furnace that has a flame sensor which is a thermocouple. Regular maintenance on your furnace could save you about $200, which is the amount you pay for a replacement.

Relay Switch

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Without a relay switch, your furnace would simply not function. A relay switch ensures that every part inside the furnace receives sufficient current. Your technician is likely to charge you about $225 to repair your relay switch.


The igniter is one of those parts inside your furnace that is likely to malfunction every other time. Regular maintenance on your furnace can save you the possibility of having to look for repair personnel at night.

Some technicians tend to impose a higher fee for night repairs than for daytime ones. Night repairs prices for igniter repair may go up to $50. It helps to have a maintenance crew that is available anytime on speed dial.

Gas Valve

A gas valve is one of the essential components in a gas furnace. The work of a gas valve is to allow propane through. It keeps the gas in check, which is a safety protocol. Given that it’s a sensitive part of the furnace, replacing it, which could cost about $400, is the best course of action.

Oil Combustion Chamber

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If you have an oil furnace, it has an oil combustion chamber. The oil chamber has two sections. One compartment accommodates oils before it goes to the next section for combustion.

A technician treats the two divisions as separate parts and will charge separately for them too. The combustion chamber cost about $400 to replace.

Heat Exchanger

Like its name suggests, a heat exchanger functions to heat air before the blower releases it into your space. Regular maintenance on this art can be helpful, although eventually, it wears out with age.

Repairs will cost about $200. Your furnace needs to have a functional heat exchanger to prevent carbon monoxide from leaking into your home.

Final Word

Now you know all about the cost of furnace repair. Sometimes repairs on your furnace can surprise you by how expensive they are. You can minimize the amount you pay by having regular maintenance on your unit. Delaying repairs or replacements and then continuing to use your furnace is dangerous. You should expect to pay for repairs now and then as your furnace grows older.