9 Essential Outdoor Home Maintenance Tasks for a Summer-Ready Property

house driveway

Now that the temperature is starting to increase, many of us are starting to become antsy and are excited to run headlong out into the sunlight without a thought.

Before you can go out there and have fun, it’s essential to dot all of your I’s and cross all of your T’s, or else risk your summer being spent on chores in the heat, rather than in the pool.

1. Give Your Driveway, Walkway, and Decks a Clean Sweep

Rivers Real Estate, Calgary recommends beginning by checking these problem areas for any irregularities and removing them, followed by power washing away any dirt, stones, salt, or dust that has come through the winter. A power washer can be rented for around $50 if you don’t already own one.

Additionally, this is the perfect time to refurbish your driveway. Routine sealing can prolong its life. An important piece of advice, however, is that the sealant will require a curing time of several days. Moreover, for some properties with decks, it is important to consider refinishing a deck. Sun, snow, and rain can cause the finish to wear out quickly if not protected.

2. Clear your Gutters

house roof and Gutters

It is necessary to perform this task biannually in order to clear the accumulated debris and leaves from these places, so as to prevent blockage and retain the potential of draining away water from the roof and structure. And while you are ticking that off, go ahead and wash down the vinyl cladding in order to remove filth from it.

3. Wash Your Windows and Screens

windows on house

Allow sunlight to filter through by washing your window screens with hot, soapy water or by using a pressure washer set on low. Replace any damaged screens with new ones, and make sure that the caulking around your windows is still in good condition.

You should also remember to wash your windows on a cloudy day to prevent streaks caused by cleanser drying too quickly. This step is crucial for homes that rely on impressive views.

4. Help The Yard With Some TLC

green grass front of house

Dried leaves and dead twigs not only appear sloppy but draw in parasites as well. Declog your flowerbeds of debris, scrape the weeds from your lawn, and shape the shrubs and hedges for a sudden improvement in the attractiveness of your immediate exterior.

To aid in the preservation of dampness and impairment of weeds, pour out a substantial quantity of wood chips around the green life that’s newly sprouting. For a big space residence, it is important that the land not covered by any structure be preserved in a satisfactory state in order for the home’s outer facade to look attractive.

5. Repaint or Stain Outdoor Surfaces

Check outdoor surfaces such as fences, decks, and railings for signs of peeling, cracking, or fading paint or stain. Repainting or staining your outdoor surfaces is like giving your home a mini facelift.

Over time, paint and stain can succumb to the relentless sun, persistent moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, causing them to peel, crack, and fade. This not only looks a bit sad but can actually speed up the wear on the materials underneath.

Sprucing them up with a fresh coat not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also acts as a shield against the elements. Before you dive into painting or staining, make sure to clean up the old, chipped surfaces properly.

This prep work makes sure your new finish sticks better and lasts longer. Opt for weather-resistant paints and stains designed for outdoor use—these usually include goodies like UV protection and mildew resistance, keeping your colors brighter and surfaces smoother for seasons to come.

6. Clean Up Your Barbecue Space

bbq grill space

If you are into outdoor cooking events, then you need to completely clean your barbecue space from top to bottom. Preheat your grill for 30 minutes before scrubbing it to rid it of any residue.

Make sure to examine your hoses and replace any rusty or old propane tanks. Always make sure that your tanks are filled with propane so you can spontaneously decide to get cooking on the grill at any moment.

7. Get Your Furniture in Good Shape: Repair, Repaint or Replace

entry room with red furniture

Furniture made from wood or metal could use a casual paint job or a new layer of varnish to bring back its original beauty. Wicker furniture which has been frayed or cracked can normally be mended.

Right now is the perfect opportunity to take care of worn-out pillows, making it possible to experience all the warm-weather months relaxed with the fresh air outside. Summer furniture in good repair can contribute greatly to the attractiveness of the property.

8. Repaint Your Fence and Front Door

colorful wooden tags


Enhance your home’s initial attractiveness by applying a new layer of paint to the entrance door and ensure it is in good shape. You can make your home look great for years to come by selecting flashy colours that make it stand out.

Also, if you want to restore an aging wall, the Soluzione paint for it will be a definite hit. A second tip is to paint step by step, that is, divide the job into several days and finish. Painting is particularly necessary for residential homes to make them look stunning.

9. Get Your Pool Ready

dive into swimming pool

Examine the exterior of your swimming pool, and if it requires mending, schedule the repairs immediately to avoid delaying any potential plans you may have to organize and host your initial pool festivity of the season. A swimming pool that is well-kept and properly adjusted is a critical selling feature that may be appealing to probable buyers looking at properties.


As you take on these eight crucial outdoor house maintenance tasks, it is important to know that presenting an admirably kempt façade to those who drive by may actually encourage multiple increase in the number of potential buyers eager to get a look at the inside and might possibly look upon the experience you’ve worked so hard on here to prepare to hand off as more deserving of a price increase.

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