Countries Where you Must Try Espresso

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Drinking coffee has become a daily ritual for many people that they simply cannot deny themselves. We like to start our day with a cup while cooking breakfast, getting ready for work, or just reading the newspaper. For most of us, it is our quiet time when we have enough time to wake up and plan the day ahead of us.

Then, we usually have at least another cup during the day. It is a well-known fact that it can improve our cognitive function, so we go and brew it when we start to feel tired or sleepy but we still have a lot of we have to do.

Due to the fact that it is so popular, nowadays, there are so many options that you can choose from. Just think about that section at your local grocery store. There are numerous kinds, everything from regular black coffee to espresso, multiple manufacturers, countries of origin, and so on.

If you are a coffee lover like we are, then you surely enjoy trying out new tastes and enjoy that unbelieve scent of a freshly brewed cup. What’s more, you might even consider the destination of your next holiday based on the coffee you can try there. Because of this, we are going to provide you with the list of a few countries from all around the world that serve the best of this beverage.


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We have to begin with Columbia. Without a doubt, one of the things that this country is well-known for is coffee. Even though there are some variations, when you drink an average Columbian coffee you are probably going to taste caramel and nutty flavor.

Since the country is known for producing Arabic style coffee, it comes as no surprise that the merchandise is not only available but also loved by people all around the world. If you cannot afford to go there at this moment and try it first hand, we are sure that there is at least one coffee shop in your area that serves it.


Have you ever heard about cortado espresso? Well, it is basically a beverage that consists of the same amount of coffee and warm milk that is steamed. The countries of its origins are northern Portugal and Galicia, Spain.

When you hear the mix of coffee and steamed milk your mind probably goes to latte or macchiato. Even though it’s similar, it is not the same. The main difference between these three is in the amount of milk – macchiato has the smallest quantity of milk, while the latte has the largest. Cortado espresso is somewhere in the middle. If you want to learn more about this beverage, before trying it, visit the jayarrcoffee blog.

Another type of coffee that is popular in Spain is Café Bombón. What is it exactly? Well, as you can imagine, it consists of a shot of espresso and condensed milk that together create two distinct layers. Don’t forget to mix it before tasting it.


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We are going back to regular espresso, and clearly, the country that is famous for it is Italy. For Italians, espresso is the elixir of life. One interesting fact that you might not be aware of is that they tend to order it and drink it while standing at a bar. For many people, who want to enjoy every sip this probably sounds unusual, but it is a completely normal occurrence in Italy.

There are two reasons why they drink it this way. First of all, there are only a few sips in the cup, and they want to consume it quickly because they probably have somewhere to be. Secondly, you should have it quickly because you do not want to wait for the ‘crema’ (the top layer that covers the espresso) to disappear because it contains all the flavors.

Before ordering your beverage, there is another thing that you should know. Italians believe that dairy products can upset your stomach which is why they usually have a cappuccino or macchiato in the morning, so you might get a strange look if you order one of these two late in the afternoon.


This country isn’t only famous for its breath-taking beaches and one-of-a-kind music and dance, but also for a type of coffee that is called Café Cubano or cafecito. This is basically, a Cuban take on espresso. It is prepared from a shot of dark-roasted espresso that can either be brewed together with sugar, or the sugar is melted and mixed with the grounds so that you get that unique sweet taste. If you want to, you can always add a splash of milk.


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If you want to try another delicious variation of espresso, then your next trip should be to Austria. This country is known for a beverage called (Wiener) Mélange. It is very similar to cappuccino since it includes a shot of espresso in a large cup mixed with steamed milk and foam.

On the other hand, if you want to go a step further, you can opt for ‘kaisermelange’ that includes espresso and a mix of honey and egg yolks and whipped cream.


In case you ever get a chance to travel to this wonderful land, you cannot miss the opportunity to be a part of Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Each aspect of this process is going to be managed by hand meaning that there aren’t going to be any machines.

Firstly, they are going to roast the fresh beans on the open flame, and then crush them using a mortar and pestle. The grounds are then mixed with water and transferred to a pot called ‘jebena’ where they are going to boil. When this occurs, the coffee will be served with sugar or salt on the side and some light snacks.

If you get invited by the locals, you should keep in mind that it is common practices, and also that it is considered to be respectful to stay for at least three cups.