How to Make Your Coffee Experience Even More Amazing

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One of the most satisfying things we do every day is getting that first cup of coffee in the morning. We all love the boost of energy this cup of joy provides and how delicious it is as we sip it. Hence, you probably think that it cannot get better than that.

Well, the good news is that you can make your coffee experience even more amazing. If you thought that having an awesome cup of coffee at home is not possible, you’re wrong. You can now have the ultimate coffee experience in the comfort of your home. It just requires the right ingredients, tools, a little bit of practice, and some simple tips.

The following tips on how to make your coffee experience even more amazing will help you make the best cup of coffee even if you haven’t studied the art of coffee or trained underworld champion baristas.

The Water You Use to Brew It

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According to your coffee experience definitely depends on the water you use to brew your coffee. As 98-99% of your cup of coffee if water, this means that you should consider what kind of water you use. Hence, if you don’t like how your tap water tastes like, it wouldn’t taste better if you add it to your coffee.

On the other hand, distilled water will make your coffee sharp and less sweet. Thus, it might be better if you opt for soft, filtered water. Using filtered water to make your coffee will boost its taste.

Know Your Roast

The type of roast, as well as, its date, are very important to consider prior to making your go-juice. Unlike wine, coffee doesn’t get better with age. Hence, if the expiration date is close, it’s very likely that your roast has lost its best qualities, such as aroma and vibrant flavor. It’s crucial to check the bag for a roast date.

However, if there is no date on the bag, it’s possible they don’t want you to know how old it is. It has been estimated that most coffees will taste best starting 3 days after it’s roasted and ending around 3 weeks after that.

Get a Good Mug

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Getting yourself a good mug is another very important step in enhancing your coffee drinking experience. In fact, there have been different studies conducted which showed that different cups can affect your experience of flavor. Therefore, if you want to elevate your coffee experience, get yourself a good mug which will be a real pleasure to drink from.

Find the Perfect Ratio of Coffee to Water

We know that when you wake up, it can be quite difficult to make consistently delicious coffee. But practice makes it perfect! By finding the perfect ratio of coffee and water and sticking to it, you can always have a delicious cup of coffee. Hence, you should track how much ground coffee you use compared to how much water you’re using to brew.

You can use a tablespoon to measure out the amount of coffee, or you can level-up by using a kitchen scale to weigh the coffee for extra consistency. The whole process might be easier for you if you keep the amount of water the same and then adjust the amount of coffee. The recommended dose is 2 level-tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.

Try Different Types of Coffees and Brews

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You probably know the saying that variety is the spice of life. Well, the same applies to coffee. We all get sick of having the same coffee every day. While there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite, it might be better if you mix it up every now and then. Coffee is incredibly different and amazing.

You’ll be surprised to taste the different flavors of coffees grown in different parts of the world. This also applies to your coffee experience when you go to a coffee shop. Try a new coffee every other time you go to the store. You can also ask a barista at a café what they’d recommend or visit this site to learn about the different coffee roasts they have.

Introduce Homemade Syrups

If you love adding different flavors to your coffee, why not try homemade syrups. The reason why most people go to coffeehouses is that dash of vanilla or hazelnut. However, you can elevate your coffee experience at home by making some simple syrups that can last in the fridge for a few weeks at a time.

So, simply mix equal parts of water and sugar in a saucepan and heat it until the ingredients dissolve. You can also keep things fun by adding in flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, mocha, or hazelnut.

Learn to Make Iced Coffee Like A Pro

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You don’t have to go to the café for an iced coffee because your homemade iced coffee tastes watery. To avoid this from happening you should learn the make iced coffee like a pro. Well, this is quite easy as it requires freezing ice cubes of espresso and using that as the ice in your ice coffee. The coffee will never taste weak or become watered down.

Savor the Coffee

The experience of drinking coffee is quite similar to that of wine tasting. In order to enhance your experience, you should first drink water to clear your palate. Then, take in the aroma through your nose and start taking small sips and rolling the coffee around different parts of the mouth.

After all parts of your mouth have absorbed the taste swallow the rich brown brew. Savoring your coffee is also determined by the atmosphere where you choose to have your coffee. Hence, you will enjoy your go-juice more if you have it while hanging out with friends. Expect to have the ultimate coffee drinking experience either with a good book or a great company of friends.

If coffee is your tool for enjoyment, why not make it even better by incorporating these tips into your everyday routine. Coffee will never ever taste the same again if you elevate your drinking experience to a new level.