CricHD Live Cricket Streaming and Best Cricket Players 2019

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Cricket is one of the oldest sports that has its roots in the 16th century when it was first played in South-East England. Over the centuries, the popularity of this sport has grown, and cricket matches represent the most-watched sports events around the world.

The great popularity of cricket is especially evident in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but also in Australia and New Zealand. As far as Europe is concerned, cricket is very popular in the country where it was established, so in England, which became the world champion at the recently finished World Championship.

Well, events like the World Cup attract a large number of fans and viewers. However, since all these fans can’t attend the match at the stadium, the only solution is watching over the Internet or television. However, as it is more convenient to follow all the cricket matches on the Internet on your tablet, smartphone or laptop, in today’s article we will focus on such streaming mode. Therefore, today, we decided to introduce you CricHD, one of the best websites for streaming sports content. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

What is CricHD?

CricHD is one of the best and most popular sites for streaming cricket and other sports. One great thing about CricHD is that all users are able to watch cricket matches from different parts of the world live, and that’s all for free. The only problem that can spoil your enjoyment while watching the match is pop-up ads. However, if you don’t want ads during the game, then we suggest you pay a premium subscription. If you are worried about the price, we must say that it is really acceptable and there is no reason not to buy a premium version.

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As for the offer of CricHD, all users can watch all the international cricket matches and competitions. For example, T20, PSL, Test, IPL, ODI, CPL, PSL, and BBL Live Cricket are available. Also, we said that various sports are available, such as football, basketball, tennis, snooker, golf, etc. Cricket is becoming more and more popular today.

But since we live in technology era more and more people are in love with playing games at home.  Exception is not cricket. Founding one which will fulfill all of your requirements is though job. As a reason of this we have a list of  cricket games for PC which you can check out at You can stay at home and play it inside or go out and play it with your friends. The choice is all yours.

What will subscription on CricHD bring to you?

Well, in short, we can say that for free you can watch almost all the most popular cricket streaming sports channels worldwide. Let’s look at some of them.

CricHD Live Cricket PTV Sports

If you want to follow the Pakistan Cricket League or any sports events related to cricket in this Asian country, this is a great solution. PTV Sports is a sports channel on the Pakistan Television Network and you can watch it on CricHD for free and without time delay.

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CricHD Live Cricket Sky Sports

Still, if you want to watch cricket events from the United Kingdom, then CricHD Live Cricket Sky Sports is definitely a solution for you. Sky Sports is a well-known channel that broadcasts the most exclusive sports events, and it will be available for you free of charge on CricHD.

CricHD Live Cricket Willow TV

Another one of the channels you can enjoy for free is Willow TV that broadcasts events like the World Cup, which means that quality content is guaranteed.

Now, we are going to take a look at some cricket players.

Top 5 Cricket Players of 2019

The fans of any type of sport like to see the statistics at the end of the year. Let’s compare this with soccer/football. Messi was recently announced as the best player of the previous season. He got the so-called Balloon d’Or reward. Some fans agreed that he deserved it; others were complaining it was not fair and that someone else deserved it. You can see many debates over the Internet.

Well, things are not different when we talk about cricket. You can easily see from the statistics who was the best player in a certain category. Yet, people will say that these pieces of data are not showing the true picture.

We will stay objective this time and share with you the top 5 cricket players of this year. Logically, you can share your thoughts with us below if you think that the numbers are not showing the realistic scenario.

Here we go.

Rohit Sharma (Best Batsman in 2019)

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Do we need to say how popular Cricket is among Indian citizens? It is some sort of national sport in this country. This guy is 32 years old, but he plays like he is still a teenager. He currently plays for Mumbai. More precisely, he is the captain of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. His right arm is the one that brought him many individual and team titles during his career.

Believe it or not, he has piled a record five centuries and more than 600 runs. Besides that, the numbers are not those that were the most attractive about this player. The way how he scored is something that merits the biggest attention. For instance, the tons against England and South Africa were unusual for this sport.

Anyway, when you look at everything that he achieved during 2019, he deserves to be number one on this list.

Kane Williamson (Second Best Batsman in 2019)

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For those that do not know, Kane Stuart Williamson is the full name of this New Zealand international cricketer. Just like the previous player from our list, he is a right-handed batsman. Besides that, he is an occasional off-spin bowler. When we talk about names, you will often hear fans calling him Cool Cat.

In 2008, he became a captain for the first time. More precisely, he was a captain of the New Zealand U-19 team. Today, he is New Zealand’s captain senior team.

Anyway, he had 548 runs in this year. You can find players that had more runs than he. Still, the importance of his good games you could see in absolutely every match. For example, in the World Cup this year, each time that he scored, New Zealand won the game. However, when his games were not too good, the entire team was bad. This proves how important a player he is for the team. Besides that, almost every run that he makes counts for the Black Caps. Because of that, he deserves to be on the list of top 5 cricket players of this year.

Mitchell Starc (Best Bowler of 2019)

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It is hard to find the right words for this man because he is a legend of the cricket industry. He is an Australian international player that plays for New South Wales in domestic cricket. He broke a record in 2016 in the game against Pakistan. Andrew Symonds previously had 6 sixes and that was the record for a longer time. Still, Mitchell broke that record 3 years ago with 7 sixes. However, his achievements from history are not the reason why he deserves to be on the list of top 5 players of 2019.

Being a pace bowler is a demanding job. But, this left-handed bowler does it professionally. He had many attractive and valuable moves in 2019 and because of that, he deserved to be on this list. Do you agree?

Ben Stokes (Best Fielder of 2019)

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It is the right moment to come to Europe. Ben Stokes definitely is the best fielder in this year. People are talking about his superhuman effort to pluck off Quinton De Kock’s catch in the opening game of the World Cup tournament. It is one of the enduring images of this year. In that game, he scored 89 runs from 79 balls. He is also part of the “Team of the Tournament” for the 2019 World Cup.

Shakib Al Hasan (Best All-Rounder of 2019)

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Well, Shakib is the best all-rounder in Bangladesh of all time. However, he is also one of the best players in the current year. He scored 606 runs at an average of 86.57 with a 96.03 strike rate. Additionally, this includes five fifties and two hundreds in the tournament. Aren’t these numbers incredible?

Besides everything, he also picked up 100 wickets at 36.27. This fact makes him the first cricketer ever that scored more than 500 runs and took 10 wickets on a World Cup tournament.

We will stay objective and leave you to share your thoughts with us. We agree that numbers do not show a clear picture of the answer to that question.

3 Most Popular Cricket Live Stream Websites

It is not a secret that cricket is not popular in absolutely every part of the world. However, in all parts of the world, you can find cricket fans that are not able to watch the games live on TV. Fortunately, these people have an alternative, and the best alternative is watching a game over the live stream.

Still, some live streams are not legit. You will have many invalid links that could bring you malware and viruses. Because of that, we want to highlight 3 of them that are the safest ones.

Brave Browser

Well, the name says everything. Brave Browser is not a typical website. It is a browser focused on sharing quality streams with cricket fans. Luckily, everything you would want to watch it for free here. You won’t have to worry about the empty space of your computer. This browser is not “heavy”.  

Willow TV

If you are a fan of cricket, football, and soccer, then this live stream is a perfect choice for you. Besides that, the biggest advantage of Willow TV is a real-time scorecard update which many live streams do not offer. You will also have the option to watch streams in different screen resolutions.


Last, but not least is Hotstar that can be a useful tool for many things. This live stream is not focused only on cricket. When the match ends, you will be able to watch TV shows, movies, family shows, and much more. The only condition you have is to register via email ID. Actually, there is one more condition. Users have to be connected to their Wi-Fi network. Using personal data flow is only possible for 5 minutes.