Crossout: Key Gameplay Features – 2024 Review

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Crossout is one of the most popular games in the MMO Action genre. The post-apocalyptic atmosphere with the ability to create an exclusive combat vehicle is the main thing, which differentiates Crossout from the other games with similar gameplay. So, what are the key features that make this game unique?

What You Should Know Before Starting a Game

Here, you can find all the necessary information about the key game features and some other things, making Crossout a really engaging game with a non-forgettable experience.


Faction is an important element of the game, as far as it represents the development system of the player. There are seven factions, including Engineers, which is the central one, and six others (Nomads, Lunatics, Steppenwolfs, Scavengers, Firestarters, and Dawn’s children). Each next level of reputation in one of the fractions means access to various structure-class parts, such as frame parts, armor sheets, or bumpers. Interesting to mention that players can get all these items only by increasing the level of reputation within the fraction; otherwise, it’s impossible to unlock these parts. Also, reputation is gained as a reward for higher combat effectiveness or other achievements. Finally, each fraction has its own story and gameplay features; so, choosing a fraction means starting a unique adventure within the game.

Crafting Parts

Crafting parts are divided into five categories: base, common, rare, legendary, epic, and relic. The category depends on the quality of the parts and the color designation. In Cross out, players can also build their own crafting parts using coins and a workshop with an appropriate blueprint. The most desired parts involve such categories as an epic, relic, and legendary. Epic crafting parts are the best equipment of high-level quality. As for the legendary ones, these parts have the best set of features. Finally, the relic category includes the rarest items in the game, which are significant for being totally different from any other crafting parts.

World Map

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The World of Crossout is very diverse and includes destroyed cities, abandoned buildings, deserts, and different mysterious areas, which are definitely good enough for exploring. There is a world map, which helps the players to find a certain location. Also, each of the landmarks has its own history, unique places, and inhabitants. In case you want to discover more about the game world, read the Crossout Review from Insider.Games to find more exclusive places. So, explore the diverse world of Crossout and find the best destination for you.


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Clans help to find teammates while playing the Crossout game, which is surely a good idea. Thus, it’s quite hard to survive alone, and being a member of a certain clan means fighting together, hang outing with teammates, and entering different competitions. Any player can create his/her own clan using a game account with 500 coins and the registration. After the creation, the player becomes a leader and gets management functions, specifies the name, and tags the clan’s description. The game also has a special mode, which is clan wars specific for the 4×4 battles among the players from different clans.


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The market is a trading platform where players can buy and sell various items, including any resources and parts. Nevertheless, the starting and “structure” parts are unavailable in the market, as far as players can get these items only as a reward for the reputation gained within the faction. Besides, trading is possible only in case if the player has coins because the exchange is impossible. In case you need to sell or get new goods very quickly, instant trading is the best decision for you. But it’s not the best way to save money and conclude more profitable transactions. All in all, everything depends on your needs.

Build Mode

The Build Mode presents the main feature of the Crossout game, which is the ability to create your own unique combat vehicle. This mode opens a variety of opportunities, so it’s a field for creativity. But it is necessary to remember some specific features of the game. Thus, the basis of any vehicle is the frame elements. Also, any of the machines require one cabin, which can be placed only horizontally. Finally, all the parts should be connected with at least one welding spot, which means the connection point within the build mode.


Battles offer various options for the players, including several types of combat missions. You can choose to participate in missions, brawls, raids, and clanbattles. Brawl is one of the most interesting modes for the players, as far as this battle means no rules for the participants. Also, it is unique for a variety of battle types, such as “Free for All” (that player wins who has 10 kills), “Storm Warning” (the goal is to survive), and “Race” (the player should drive through all checkpoints).

Key Features, Which Make the Game Unique

Several features make Crossout be a unique game in this genre:

  • Unique vehicles — each player can create own vehicle with the help of various crafting parts;
  • Freedom for the creativity of the players — there are no limits for your creativity; any shapes, weapon, and parts are available for you to create a combat masterpiece;
  • Variety of armament — guns, rocket launchers, and machine guns are available for the player to equip the combat vehicle;
  • Workshop — the players are also able to create their own unique parts and sell them at the marketplace;
  • Trading options — sell, buy, and trade almost everything;
  • Different battle options — various battle types and modes are available, so you won’t get bored while playing a game.

The Latest Updates in the Game — News from Devs

The devs announced the upcoming changes in the game. The fourth season is coming, and the players will get acquainted with the new faction. Besides, the devs promise numerous improvements in the game, including the integration of price charts in the market, balance changes, and cool new parts for the vehicles. Whether this upgrade is successful or not, everything will be clear after the release.