5 Reasons Why are Cryptocurrencies Going Up in 2024

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What is so special about cryptocurrencies? They have been on the market for a while but it is well-known that every year brings more popularity and more progress towards cryptocurrency exchange and usage all over the world. That being said, we could expect that this market has slowed down during the pandemic but it seems like the year of 2024 is bringing even more growth in this field as well as an accelerating demand for investing. However, cryptocurrencies are still a very risky business and are something that has to be figured out completely in order to make safe investments and expect to make some profit.

Aside from cryptocurrencies, there are other profit systems that are somewhat different thanks to their simplicity and a low level of risk. They are yet to be explored but are a great way to earn money without previous experience and to get ready for more advanced levels of trading.

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Still, it’s undeniable that we’re currently experiencing a rise in cryptocurrencies demand and there are good reasons for this.

If you’re planning to buy or invest in cryptocurrencies the experts say that this year is going to be the best year to invest. On the contrary, when it comes to choosing or deciding what crypto to invest in you can find yourself overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to go through thousands of crypto coins available as well as finding the perfect strategy and decoding the signals along the way.

The good news is there is no single cryptocurrency that can be the best of all. Depending on your goals and on what you’re looking for and what each one of them provides, every cryptocurrency has its own pros and cons. One more thing to consider is your level of experience and your trading skills. Following the market every day and being aware of any minor changes, while paying attention to every detail are the essential steps for understanding what is going to happen this month, a year, or in the future in general when it comes to crypto.

Why are cryptocurrencies going up in 2024?


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When there is limited supply but great demand it is expected to lead to higher prices when it comes to cryptocurrencies there is a trend of wide changes in their prices over relatively short periods of time. Just like any other investment business, it is risky but on the other hand, compared to US stocks you can get a much higher return which is something hard to find in other assets, so this one has great potential for winning big. However, there is a stigma around cryptocurrencies because the majority of people don’t invest enough of their time to be able to invest in the business. This is something that although profitable cannot be done without a specific strategy that is proven to work.


Investing in almost any stock is complicated one way or another and it depends on other people or organizations since you’re keeping your money in a bank. In the worst-case scenario, you can be left without your money due to a robbery or bankruptcy or something else that can come unexpectedly. With crypto, you don’t have to pay any fees as its main idea is the decentralized economy. You are relying only on yourself, your skills, your assets and your money.


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One of the biggest fears of every investor in the world is losing everything he had earned by his hard work thanks to the market going down. No matter if you think about cryptocurrencies in a way that their phase won’t last long, or they’re going to be around forever, what’s been proven so far is that popularity is only increasing and the market has seen a huge growth after every big crash. When bitcoin price spikes during a certain cycle, people are making steps towards trading and the percentage of long-term holders diminishes, while at the same time the percent of Bitcoin supplies starts to grow. This is a usage trend that can eventually lead to attracting both small and large businesses as well as individuals to choose this kind of investment. The more people are in it, the higher its value on the market! It clearly shows us that bitcoin is being adopted by our society as it provides us with simpler and more useful solutions. Bitcoins have been reported “dead” over 300 times in mainstream media, but they have risen from the ashes and in 2024 managed to attract more investors than ever!


You cannot expect an immediate profit of cryptocurrency investing but you can learn about bitcoin investment, for example, using different platforms and already known strategies and trying them out without having to spend years learning about a conventional investment which is itself an expensive process. This gives you more opportunities to indulge in the world of trading that needs a certain level of experience but doesn’t need you to be an expert. The other problem you can find when it comes to your first investment in other fields such as real estate, is an extremely high entry threshold, where at the very beginning you’ll have to spend a more significant amount of money to just get started. Here you can create an account, invest, track your assets even on your phone, with no complications.


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Who would have known that one day, cryptocurrencies are about to become a global currency accepted by many countries and their governments as well as some of the world’s biggest banks and the famous Wall Street? The future is now! Some countries are even encouraging investments in this field, and they are working on regulations and laws. Most of the banks and associations are now authorized to provide cryptocurrency services for their customers. Exchange is also allowed and possible.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor you can choose what’s best for you and you have a variety of options whether it’s Bitcoin, Litecoin Binance coin or any other cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency alternatives are as much profitable and accessible, so you should consider giving them a chance.

Today, it’s easier than ever to feel the significant benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies. It is almost the same as exchanging your money in a new country! With improved regulations and the simplicity of the process, why not start now?