David Beckham’s Sister Closes Down Concierge Service For Rich And Famous

Image source: Business Insider Malaysia

The Beckham family seems to be struggling these days. Victoria Beckham has been in the spotlight for the past several days for all the wrong reasons. Posh triggered a backlash after opting to use taxpayers’ money to help pay the staff of her fashion company.

Image source: Instagram

Now, David’s sister, Joanne moved to close her lucrative concierge service “WeAreYourCity” which offered clients consulting in regard to shopping high-end clothes and dining spots. This pleasure cost $450 per month, but now as the business dried up, Beckham had to close it down.

Image source: Instagram

Joanne started the business with soccer player Jay Smith and in the beginning, the pair was a good match since Beckham had access to celebrities and Smith to sports personalities. However, business went south when the company began mounting debt last year.