All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Sunglasses in 2024

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Nowadays, sunglasses are not restricted to the protection of the eyes but have also become an integral part of the fashion industry. It has become the fashion statement in this transient world. Earlier, people were using sunglasses only to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but now till has spread its usefulness from protection to be a part of fashion looks. Whether it’s a man or woman, everyone is now found in sunglasses.

And if you too are thinking of buying one for yourself in online glasses stores like Lensmart, don’t wait because sunglasses are available in various designs in the market. You may find these vast collections of sunglasses a little dizzying, and it is okay if you are confused about the wide range of frames and lenses. We are here to guide you with the best-suited trendy sunglasses for your face. So, stay connected.

History Of Sunglasses

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Nobody talks about the history of sunglasses, how the trend began, and how it came into the market with such a wide variety of collections. Today, let’s have a brief look at it. Though the history of sunglasses is a little weird, it has significantly influenced people. In the early 12th century, it was first used by Chinese court men to provide impartial judgment without expressing their emotions in the courtroom.

Later, in the 18th century, glasses were evolved to enhance eyesight, and from then onwards, the classic green-tinted lenses got spread. People used such lenses because they were good at locating the difference of high contrast color between several objects. After that, sunglasses entered the film industry, and various movie stars started to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes against dust camera flashlights. We know how movie stars influence the audience. And thus, the sunglasses trend began among the public. In the 19th century, fighter pilots too used aviator sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Different Types Of Sunglasses

Now that we understand how the sunglasses trend began and how it reached the market. While buying the perfect sunglasses for your face, you should always consider both trends and comfort. So, let’s have a quick look at various types of sunglasses used all around the world.


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Wayfarer sunglasses are always a versatile option to choose from, and you can use these sunglasses with any outfit. The impressive feature of these sunglasses is their frames and upside-down trapezoidal shape. It became popular during the mid-90s, and now again has a spinning comeback in 2000. The newly developed wayfarer glasses are lightweight with plastic frames and are now available in many different brands.


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These sunglasses are another piece of classic times. With slaying frames, it has remained everyone’s favorite choice for decades. Aviator’s lenses are a little wider at the upper side and narrow down towards the nose. Moreover, the teardrop shape and the metal frames of these sunglasses are the signature features of aviators. They provide a large field of vision with superior protection and are usually made of metal or plastic frames.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Cat eye sunglasses are greatly stylish and old-fashioned feminine sunglasses. These sunglasses are popular for their upswept rims, and they are dominating the fashion world. Cat-eye sunglasses always look stylish even if you wear them with casual outfits. They will enhance your look, and you will stand out radiant in any crowd. The frames of such glasses are thick, and the lenses are available in a variety of colors.

Furthermore, you will get a bookish look on your face, as they have oversized frames and shady temples. These features add a dramatic effect on the face. People with face shapes like square, oval, heart, or round, cat-eye sunglasses are the best choice.

Wrap Around Sunglasses

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They have a wrapped layout at the topsides of the face. It is considered the best sunglasses with the widest field of vision. These sunglasses provide safety against dirt because of their wrapped feature from all sides. If you want a sporty look, you can rely on wrap-around sunglasses. Along with these amazing features, they are available in colorful frames and lenses that protect you from the sun.

Now that you have understood what the different types of sunglasses are and how it is important for everyone. It’s time for you to buy the perfect one today itself.

Choosing your lenses

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Most users themselves are not even aware of the several lens modulations available in the market and settle for the default option in over half of the cases. However, most opticians provide a wide range of lenses made with a wide variety of materials with varying ranges of durability and several other features. Lenses come in a variety of prices as well.

Currently, the most used lenses in the market include Polycarbonate and Trivex, which are known for their unbreakable nature. They use lightweight plastic and sturdy raw materials and withstand high amounts of stress.

Other modulations include tinted lenses, which can make your glasses double up as make-shift sunglasses. This can be particularly helpful for people with high sensitivity to sunlight and radiation.

With the current increase in the use of devices and prolonged screen time, blue light filters are almost becoming a default. These filters are fairly simple and involve a mere extra coating over your normal glasses. This layer offers protection from harmful rays from your device screens and helps avoid unnecessary strain on your eyes.

Other add-ons like polarisation and scratch-resistant layers can be added based on individual preferences.

Be sure about what you need from your eyewear

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Make a thorough list of the important features that you require your eyewear to meet to ensure the best compatibility. For example, for someone constantly involved with intricate visual work like microscopy, glasses can cause major inconvenience. In such cases, other viable options like using contact lenses can be considered.

Other highly influential factors include the overall strength and flexibility expected out of the frame, which might vary depending upon the age and profession of the individual.