Do Not Play Slots Until You Know These Facts

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Most of the regular players who regularly visit online casinos prefer slots to all other games. That reflects a general trend in the world of gambling. If you are also addicted to slot machines, make sure you understand the critical issues raised in this article. We have identified some key facts that every player on the slots should know.

Count how much you theoretically lose

Realistically estimate the total amount of bets for a single session and more extended periods. If you play on one slot, find out its RTP. Having subtracted this indicator from one hundred percent, you will find out what the mathematical advantage of the institution in this model is. Multiplying it by the number of bets, you can calculate how much money, in theory, the casino wins on this video slot for a specified period.

Forget the connection between the spins

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Do not try to find the relationship between the individual rounds. There is no connection, which is confirmed by mathematicians and experts in the field of gambling. Playing on the slot in an inevitable progression, you do not increase the likelihood of a win. Chasing “hot” video slots is also useless.

Know the RTP level

Always check the general return information. That is especially important in slot machines with bonus bets. Open the help section, the official website of the developer or a slot review to find out how the additional chance affects RTP.

In theory, then you should play in the mode that provides the maximum return to the player but remember the total bet turnover and the amount that the casino will take from you due to mathematical superiority.

Play in your preferred betting range

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The vast majority of video slots provide equal conditions to all players, regardless of the amount they bet on the course during spins. If large bets offer additional benefits to customers, this condition is specified in the information section or paytable. If there is no such information in official sources, you should not think that high rollers win more often or use other privileges.

Learn the Jackpot Rules

Double carefully read the rules of slots with cumulative jackpots. Find out exactly what needs to be done to participate in the progressive amount drawn. If you are not satisfied with these conditions, open another slot.

It makes no sense to play on the machine with a jackpot, not having the opportunity to go for the maximum prize. Do you like to play on slots? Do you play more often at offline casinos or limited to online slot machines? For more information, visit King Billy Casino.

Unpredictable Odds

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While many games in casinos are played with dice or cards, and there is a way to count your odds of winning, the situation is different from slot machines. When you are playing blackjack, you know that you have 52 cards in the deck, or if you are playing some game with dice, then there are six sides, so you could easily count your odds, but there is no way to know your odds when you are playing a slot machine.

The chances for winning on some slot machines are so unpredictable that you could see two same slot machines that have a completely different payback. Usually, most of the slot machines is giving around 10 or 15 percent of payback money. Also, while many casinos are hiding the amount of money that devices could provide you, some casinos are showing what the real percentage of payback is, and you could know your odds in some way.

Play for Jackpots

Another beautiful thing about slot machines are various jackpots that you could win during your game, and some of them are not linked to the amount of your betting hand. Usually, there are three types of jackpots, standard, local, and wide. The standard jackpot is based on the number of turns that you played, and its rise every time you hit that start button.

The local jackpot is not linked with your bet, and it is random. In most situations, this type of prize would hit once a day, or once a week, if it is a higher amount of money. The most popular jackpot is some global award, and that is usually some more significant amount of money that could compare with the lottery.


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There is a trend of rising in popularity of slot machines in recent years, especially in the United States where today you could play them in more than 30 states, and, in Japan, where there are more than 5 million slot machines. It is a surprise that the United States with Las Vegas and Atlantic City are not in the first place.

You Can’t Have Control Over it

There is a common belief that sometimes slot machines are in a positive or negative mood. However, in most situations, the devices that are not paying you anything would hardly get you some award in the end. Every turn that you are playing is not affected by the previous one.

Slot Machines are Highly Addictive

Some many statistics and studies prove how most of the gamblers on slot machines are getting addicted to gambling a lot easier than with other games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and other games. There is a chance where three out of four players that gamble on slot machines will develop some addiction.

The Odds between Online and Land-based slot machines are the same

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A lot of people believe that there is a higher chance of winning if you are playing some slot machine in a land/based casino. However, online casinos are using similar random number generators like machines in land casinos, which provide the same chance of winning to the players.

Nonetheless, many people prefer land casinos, even though the chances of winning are the same as if you were playing on your Smartphone or computer.