Don’t Do It Alone: Ahavel Aborishade Discusses Why Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Should Invest in Employee Cross-Training


Hiring and employee training can be enormous challenges for small business owners. Each new employee must be well trained so that he or she can perform their job well. The success and failure of the training can have wide-ranging implications.

Every business owner knows that one of the most important aspects of running a business today is flexibility. Your employees need to be flexible, too.

They may often have to fill in whenever needed, even if it’s outside of their usual role, and that’s where cross-training can help. Here, an emerging entrepreneur and our collaborator Ahavel Aborishade details the benefits of cross-training your staff.

New Skill Sets, More Possibilities 

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The main goal of cross-training is to teach each employee new skills. Expanding their skill set will not only benefit your business but will also look great on their resume for future positions.

Being able to perform multiple tasks at work effortlessly will help your business run smoother, and employees will be much more independent.

While it’s great to have a specialty in a business or corporate setting, it never hurts to know some clerical or basic IT skills, too. Knowing these skills works well in nearly any situation, especially in a pinch.

Better Grasp of the Company

Even though a team member may be great at what they were hired to do, they may still be a little stumped at what goes on throughout the rest of the company.

Cross-training enlightens your employees and gives them a better picture of what the company does. When everyone understands what their coworkers do in other roles, it strengthens the team.

Being able to work together, awareness, and appreciating what each other does will set your business up for optimal synergy.

Lowers the Cost for Business

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If everyone can perform any necessary clerical or IT jobs whenever possible, you don’t need to have another department or hire any extra outside work.

With cross-training, they’ll become familiar with these skills, so you don’t have to seek out new employees or outside talent to take care of these needs.

While they won’t be experts in the fields, they will at least be able to cover everyday office issues, stemming everyday costs, and restricting them to the occasional outside service. It’s simple: when you don’t have to hire more people, it cuts costs at the office.

Better Customer Support

Cross-training can also improve your company’s customer support. As a business owner, you understand how critical customer support can be; great experiences lead to new and repeat customers, while bad ones can turn others away.

Knowledge is powerful in a company and is something every employee should have. When everyone has a better idea of how the company runs and how to perform various, standard tasks, and with additional customer support training, every employee will know how to interact with customers properly.

Remember, training employees can be a daunting task, but with the help of cross-training, it can set your business up for success.