Drake’s Mattress Costs $395K And Weighs Half A Ton

Image source: topnaija.ng

Drake has been recently giving the world a better glance at his new home in Toronto with videos like “When To Say When/Chicago Freestyle” video, and more recently, the “Toosie Slide” video. The rapper revealed that his favorite part of the home is the bedroom.

Image source: mirror.co.uk

Apparently, the mattress itself costs $395K, according to “Complex” who recently interviewed Linus Adolfsson, owner of “Hastens Los Angeles”. “Hastens” is a luxury bed company and each bed is made from natural material like horsehair, wool, cotton, and flax.

Image source: cnn.com

There were 600 hours of labor that went into the mattress that weighs nearly half a ton. On top of that, Drake customized it with leather details that pay homage to “Hastens” heritage as saddlemakers such as straps and gold “that kind of resembles the bits for what you have in the horse’s mouth”.