Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy: Marketing Expert, Denis Lagutenko, Shares His Secrets


With the constant advancement of technology, marketing strategies are undergoing significant changes. Determining the right approach to online promotions is not an easy task. Focusing on the development of mobile marketing methods is one of the primary tasks for any business. We are now going through a phase where smartphones are the focus of many business development needs. While marketing methods don’t have a fixed “expiration date”, you can’t only choose traditional strategies for a long time. This will negatively impact both business profits and the cost of acquiring new customers.

From a study made by We Are Social, at least 50% of the world’s population has a smartphone. In large cities, this figure reaches 65-70%. And these numbers are growing every year.

The founder of the ADSbase integrated communications holding and online influencer with over 470k followers, Denis Lagutenko, believes that you can tailor your content to almost any target audience by using mobile marketing tools.

Due to his strong presence in the marketing industry, Lagutenko is highly aware that mobile marketing constantly evolves as new techniques and strategies are emerging. We had a chance to contact Denis via his Crunchbase profile, and he kindly helped us to identify the main principles of successful mobile marketing that will help businesses to keep reaching their target audience.


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In the past few years, everyone has been talking about the need to adapt your site and its design for mobile devices. However, even to this day, not every website follows this. While the website and social media customizations are the first principles of effective mobile marketing, not everyone takes it responsibly. Quite often, you can find poorly adapted sites with functionality that suffers significantly when viewed on mobile devices.

“It is not enough to properly adapt the site. It’s also important to think about social media channels. Their designs should be branded and displayed properly when viewed from a phone or a tablet,” Denis believes. “Why is mobile responsiveness so important? Let’s go back ten years. Smartphones were just beginning to appear, and it was not convenient for everyone to access the Internet from a phone. Today, almost every service has a mobile application, and browsing from mobile devices is more popular than ever. If you do not give a potential client all the necessary information in a convenient format, he can opt to go to a different service provider. Thus, to remain competitive, businesses need to adapt to customer expectations. Also, take into account the loading speed of the mobile version of the site. It should be fast enough as if it takes more than 25 seconds, the user can easily lose interest.”

So there are many new marketing tools and techniques which are already being used by your competitors and this is why they can’t be ignored. New mobile strategies might make the promotion costs higher in some cases and require more effort but, at the same time, they open up new avenues and opportunities for more profit.

The Importance of Video Content

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The pages of social networks are filled with video content. Instructions and feedback from customers appear on the websites of companies in a video format. More brands are creating video strategies to attract customers every day.

Over the past two years, the amount of video content viewed has increased by 10 million minutes per day. And visitors mainly use mobile devices to watch them. This is why video marketing is mostly about mobile marketing.

Following Denis recent interview for The London Economic, we asked him to share how video content can be used to promote a business:

“First, it should be shared primarily through mobile marketing channels. These are social networks like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Facebook and LinkedIn can also be suitable for increasing reach and attracting the attention of the target audience to your other sites. After all, the more points of contact your users have with the brand, the higher the likelihood of conversion.

The quality of the content is of great importance. It is not that expensive to shoot a video for Instagram stories or a video for TikTok, but all video content should be focused on meeting the needs of the target audience. Interest gratification and entertainment are also their needs.

Third, there should be different content for different channels. For example, instructional videos and educational videos can be posted on YouTube. Post short informative videos on IGTV, and share entertaining videos on TikTok. It is not necessary to use all of your channels at the same time. You can choose a couple of main areas that will effectively meet the needs of your business.”

Social media is the foundation of mobile marketing

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Social media plays an important role in building the image of your business and this is the most direct path to reach the potential client. Within 30 minutes after waking up, most people check social networks on their phones. Therefore, advertising promotion should primarily focus on mobile devices.

“Engage your visitors with interesting and valuable content,” Lagutenko advises. “Learning in a fun way is a prime social media feature. Using these channels can also expand your targeting options. People are looking for interesting and new approaches to solve almost any problem on social media. Therefore, your task is to facilitate their path.

The first thing you should pay attention to is, again, the design of your social network channels. A suitable profile picture of the community, its theme, and bio (if there is an opportunity to make it, such as, for example, a collection of stories on Instagram), are necessary. And they should display well on mobile devices. Secondly, it is recommended to create unique content for each social network. In the case of Facebook, this rule can be slightly neglected, but for Instagram or TikTok you should develop an original content plan.”

Brevity is the soul of wit

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People are constantly in a hurry. They never want to spend too much time on something that will not benefit them. So it’s important to keep your content concise and focused. Short videos, infographics, reviews of your products, or information on current promotions are ideal for mobile marketing.

“SEO requires long content. But readers prefer short formats. They, in turn, are ideal for social networks. On the website, it is important to find the middle ground. All of this will increase not only engagement but also the visibility of your content, as it increases the likelihood that users will want to share it.

Illustrations, infographics, short informative videos will help to make your content as attractive and concise as possible. If you want to tell a lot, you can divide the story into several parts and add interesting details regularly,” Denis suggests.

Mobile advertising

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This is the topic which Denis Lagutenko studies closely due to the profile of his business. He highlights that you have an option to promote your business with mobile app ads or even launch your application if it suits your business goals.

“In-app advertising is a great way to reach your target audience. And if you decide to launch your app, then drawing attention to it will not be so difficult. It is enough to inform users about it on social networks and the website, as well as attach a download link.

When placing ads in third-party applications, it is important to carefully select the place of its placement. To grab the attention of your target audience, give preference to applications that are relevant to your business topic.”

In addition to using mobile apps, you should also focus on reaching clients in the most direct way possible, via SMS texting! Since millennials are practically glued to their phones all day long, sending business texts can be a great way to connect with them. SMS marketing involves businesses sending permission-based promotional messages by text. Most SMS marketing is carried out via dashboards in the form of bulk SMS. Furthermore, all SMS marketing messages must have an opt-out function at the end of the message.

Stay close to current trends

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As we can conclude from all previous points, people are always searching for something new. Therefore, traditional ad formats are now less successful than they were a couple of years ago, as Denis recently discussed with Benzinga. To keep your marketing promotion effective, you need to look for new ways to get in touch with your target audience. And mobile marketing is the shortest and surest way to build long-term relationships with existing customers and attract new ones.