Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Email marketing is the best way for small businesses to reach a lot more people than before. With a good email marketing strategy, businesses can find new customers and keep existing customers loyal as stated by  SendPulse. But what really makes an email marketing strategy any good? We are here to show you the solution to that question and help you avoid one of the most common mistakes business owners are making when building their strategy.
This is why we have made a shortlist of one of the worst mistakes you can make when creating an email marketing strategy.

1. Neglect your database

The most important thing about email marketing strategies is having someone to email. You need customers, so you should start by emailing your existing contacts and start growing from there. There are a lot of ways you can build your list. You can provide an email newsletter signup form, import contacts from social media and asking your customers to spread the word about your brand. However, make sure you never buy email lists, it is certainly not worth the money, no matter how much you fork out. Most email service providers disapprove bought email lists and the people you email don’t even know your brand or the emails could just be abandoned.

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2. Starting without a plan

Now that you have started building your email list, you need to figure out the content of your email. Most email marketing strategies rely on content calendars. A well-planned content calendar will help you remember your send dates and keep your topics interesting.
To determine how many topic ideas you will be needed, first, you need to decide how often you will be sending your emails. Once a month is usually the sweet spot to start with. On a survey, about 85 percent of the people answered that they would like to get emails from businesses at least once monthly. Although, you will need to actively watch for current events and trends. If there have been any tragic events near your customers you obviously will have to postpone your emails for a week or so or even rewrite your email to address that issue. On the other side, if there is a big and hot topic at the moment that is correlated with your brand, then you should certainly use this time and send more emails. If you want to get rid of those annoying email bounces and reach more potential customers, then we recommend you check out TheChecker for affordable and high-quality email list cleaning and email verification service.

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3. Boring subject lines

One of the most important things in email marketing strategies that brings a big part of success is subject lines. A recent study has shown that 65 percent of costumers say the subject line is what makes them open the email. The other group of people probably only open emails from people they know personally and trust, no matter the subject line. This is why, in the world of emails, it is very important that your subject line leaves a good impression, influencing people to open up your email.

If you are planning to build a successful email marketing strategy, then make sure you follow our guide with the mistakes that most marketers make.