Emmett Shear’s Net Worth 2024

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In times of cutthroat competition and plethora of innovations, it’s difficult and admirable to rise to the top. One such story is that of Emmett Shear who’s been extremely successful at a relatively young age to beat the competition and become an influence in the market. However, this success came to him on the back of lots of trial and error.

Twitch has been a revolution in terms of content creator driven streaming, and this man is the brains behind it.

About Emmett Shear

Emmett Shear is the CEO of Twitch and its co-founder too. However, it’s not his only claim to fame. Shear also owns the famous Justin tv and is an investor behind several corporate and individual ventures.

Twitch is a mainstay in the streaming scene with 15 Million daily active users and 3 Million monthly broadcasters. Even after Amazon’s acquisition, Emmett holds his CEO designation and a fair bit of say in executive decisions.

Early Life & Family

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Emmett Shear has kept most of his early childhood out of the public picture. However, we do know about his alma matter and academic journey. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Yale University in 2005. After this, he partnered up with Justin Kan to create Kiko Software which was sold at over $250k to eBay.

Continuing with the same partner, the duo created Twitch which is now a global phenomenon..

Emmett Shear’s Career and Major Milestones

Kiko Software was gone, but that didn’t stop Emmett from continuing to crack the online arena. This determination led Shear to establish Justin. tv in 2006 with Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt, and Michael Siebel.

The latest service was broadcasting the reality show “Justin’s life 24×7”. Following the release, in 2007, the site turned to broadcasting genre-based video through different channels. Gaming content was booming out of all the other content. Seeing the potential of the new format, Shear made a separate platform for the streaming gaming content. This was the year 2011 and Twitch was created.

In August 2014, Amazon paid almost a Billion dollars to get Twitch into the umbrella while letting Emmett be the CEO.

Few Interesting Things About Emmett Shear

  • Emmett is pragmatic and decisive with business decisions

Getting power and responsibility at a young age made him extremely cunning about handling the market. This made his head stable about the realities of business and entrepreneurship. Choices made under his guidance are rarely wrong, if any.

  • Emmett Shear likes to be extremely regular and organized

Rather than losing discipline on becoming successful, Emmett still follows a strict routine. As a businessman and at home, he follows certain principles and rules to the word. This also simplifies most problems he faces at work and his personal life.

Net Worth

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As of June 2024, Emmett Shear is personally worth over 100 Million USD, however, that isn’t all. Shear, as the company owner, was on the receiving end of receiving 1.54 Billion USD as the annual turnover. Additionally, Amazon Inc paid him 970 Million USD to acquire his asset company.

It’s been widely reported that Shear is putting his fortune to noble use. The prolific investor has donated over a million dollars to non-profit organizations to help women and minorities during the Covid-19 pandemic.