How to Start a Career as a Laravel Developer?


If you know PHP and want to offer practical web solutions while using a robust and convenient framework, becoming a Laravel developer can be your best career choice. Surely, it’s only one of the many PHP frameworks, but people love it because it’s easy to use and provides reusable components, tools, and an intuitive builder.

With Laravel, you can build any web project efficiently and quickly and improve your PHP knowledge and understanding. Knowing this, it’s not even a surprise the need for Laravel developers is high, as many IT companies incorporate it into their job.

So, if you know Laravel or plan on learning it soon, you must know it’s one of the best career paths as a web app developer. You only need to open some talent networks and websites and check on every company looking for laravel developers for hire. That’s enough to realize how influential this framework is now. And if you ask how to become a developer, there are a few things you should do before embracing the new career.

Stay with us because we have a few interesting tips to share with you.

1. Learn PHP From Scratch


Fundamental knowledge of PHP is a must if you want to learn any of the frameworks, including Laravel. You must understand the basics before moving to more simplified yet complex solutions.

You don’t need to master PHP, but being an intermediate programmer makes adaptation to frameworks much easier. Additionally, get familiar with CSS and JavaScript to understand the Laravel elements easier.

And, of course, understand the concept of object-oriented programming. Most PHP frameworks are written using the OOP concept, so you must learn the classes, objects, encapsulation, dependencies, inheritance, etc.

You can move to more complex lessons and implement your knowledge properly when you know these things.

2. Get Started With Laravel

Once you feel ready to do this, you can install Laravel and see how things go.

At this point, you need to know a little theory, like Laravel’s previous versions, and how current ones differ. Then, you have to learn more about the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern and see how it helps build exceptional web applications and services.

Laravel has many features like modules, libraries, bug fixes, a virtual development environment, and automated testing. All these features and pre-built commands help you focus on details like laravel custom pagination, usability, accessibility, and structural design of the app.

Check all the tools, features, and enabled modules. After that, prepare to work on your first Laravel project. Start with simple code, test it, and then move to more complex ones.

3. Don’t Give up on Your Books and Tutorials


Many developers think they don’t need their books anymore once they write a simple code in Laravel. But we highly suggest not doing that. Instead, keep your learning materials close to you. Surely, once you get used to Laravel, coding becomes more intuitive. Still, you will need to remind yourself of some details later, like how to implement a pagination laravel solution or which tool to use for a specific task.

Anyway, learning materials shouldn’t be thrown away. Working as a Laravel developer requires continuous growth. As you get better, you may need to remind yourself of the basics. Or, maybe you’ve missed something previously, so you need to get back to that chapter.

Keep your online courses active, and stay in touch with your mentor. You will need all of it, especially if Laravel is your life career path.

4. Start With Simple Programs

When you have theoretical knowledge of something, you think you can implement it in real-life projects. But we suggest taking small steps at the beginning. Some companies offer training periods for new employees, so look for those options when applying for a job.

Even if you are a PHP expert, you still need time to get used to Laravel or any other PHP framework.

Most developers will take small steps at a time to detect the perks and fix the issues before working on a big project. And probably that’s the right way to do it.

5. Join Talent Networks


Once you feel confident enough, you can join talent networks, job posting platforms, and freelance services. You need to start somewhere, so these places will help you build a valuable community around you.

As we said, you can look for jobs for beginners and continue learning there. It’s important to have a network of people and connections, get endorsements and recommendations, and help someone learn Laravel better.

This way, you build authority and show appreciation to those you are learning from.

6. Let All the Improvements Come Naturally

When you decide to take a new career path, you have to be aware things won’t go really quickly. You may be known as a great PHP developer who provides exceptional web solutions. So, it comes naturally to learn how to implement your knowledge in web app development.

You surely need to learn Laravel at this point, but how to show the people you know that? Add the information to your LinkedIn profile, and update your skill description on every talent profile you have. This way, you let the potential clients or employers know you are into Laravel and can be a valuable team member.

You can communicate with them and trust the process. At some point, you will show what you know about Laravel and the web apps built with it. And things will only get better from that moment on.


Final Thoughts

Becoming a Laravel developer can be a challenging process, no matter if you already know PHP or you will learn it now. The good thing is that there is always an option for a job. This framework will only get more useful and popular as time goes by.

So, start with small and simple steps, and learn new things as you master the previous ones.

After that, you are ready to embrace your new career as a junior Laravel developer and work on getting better at what you do. One day you will be proud of what you did and maybe help someone else to embrace their new career as a developer.