Why Students Use Essay Help Services & Is It Legal – 2024 Guide

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Essay writing services and any kind of academic help had been stigmatized for quite a long time. Even though many companies had proven their effectiveness in improving student writing skills, they were still perceived as something wrong and unacceptable.

However, as soon as the academic burden has become unbearable, lots of students secretly used essay writing services. They expected to get help in writing academic assignments, received professional advice, and managed to improve their academic record.

Today, any essay writer service like EssayHub is not associated only with writers who create papers. It is an entity employing professionals who intend to bring its client’s writing to a new level using advanced technologies and top-notch skills.

Thus, our duty now is to dispel myths associated with online essay writing and explain why students actually use such services. So, why do students choose to address essay help services, and how does this help them in their academic pursuit?

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Unbearable Burden

The more technologies develop, the more accessible the information becomes. There is no need to sit in the college library for long hours, looking for the data to include in your research. Just a few clicks bring you to the information you need.

Understanding this, professors started adding more assignments to students’ agendas. At a certain point, this pile has grown to be almost unmanageable.

Thus, essay writing services undertake the responsibility for writing certain papers on their behalf to make sure all deadlines are met. This is getting quite popular since the trust in such services is growing among students.

Professional Help

Essay writing is needed not only for, say, History, and English classes. If you study Physics, Math, or Chemistry, you’ll be required to describe your experiments and research in writing, too. Some people are geniuses in computing and technologies, but they cannot explain what they do in the language understood by many.

Essay writers help such people in structuring their papers so that they seem logical and flow smoothly. The writers also make sure they are formatted according to the latest standards and contain zero plagiarism.

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Proofreading and Editing

If the paper is of exceptional importance, students may require professionals to read and edit it. They can spot the slightest details that can affect the overall quality of a dissertation thesis or any research paper. Also, they can make the referencing and formatting impeccable as per the most recent standards.

Such proofreading and editing differ from similar services provided by a peer or a friend. Essay writing professionals know exactly what professors expect from you. They edit the papers to make them meet these requirements. If you’d like you’d like to know more about what an essay editor does, visit this page.

Miscellaneous Services

The competition in the online essay writing industry is rather high. Thus, every company tries to take a larger market share by providing extra services. They are often available for free.

For example, students can check their papers for grammar and spelling mistakes using the company’s checker. Also, they can run it through their plagiarism checker to see if the expected quality is confirmed.

In some cases, customers are offered a readability check and paraphrasing tool. This is to ease their trouble with the choice of vocabulary and sentence structures.

With such a variety of extra services being available for free, does online essay writing seem to have a purely commercial interest? Instead, many companies indeed work hard towards helping students improve their academic records without spending a fortune.

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Is It Even Legal to Use Such Services?

Once we succeed in proving how useful essay writing online is the question that follows always refers to legitimacy. The negative stigma surrounding essay writing for money has turned it into something criminal in the minds of many generations of students.

The grounds for such assumptions are hardly solid. The company that intends to provide educational services is registered in the order required by the country’s laws. It pays taxes, employs people, receives complaints, and works with different payment providers just like any other business.

The companies compromising essay writing as a business indeed existed. Moreover, they even managed to turn the industry into the one involved in shadowy deals.

However, nowadays, the services themselves are in high demand. The industry is literally booming, helping students cope with growing stress.

Is Online Essay Writing Cheating?

This question is tricky. If you ask professors and teachers, you’ll most definitely receive yes as an answer. However, everything depends on the way you use the service.

If a student simply puts their name on the title paper, then yes, this is cheating. They literally invested no effort in learning from the way this paper was written.

However, if you receive the written work and study it to know the smallest detail, you actually spend your time working on the project. Many students use the reference pages of their orders essays as a list of credible sources for the following research.

Essay writing services are honest if your goal is to improve your writing. For example, you can send your draft to the writers for them to enhance the quality and make it up to current standards. You’ve worked on the project but requested external help. Is it cheating? Hardly.

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Will Students Use Writing Services in the Future?

The demand for external academic help will only continue to increase. Students are already struggling with pretty tough schedules. The more demanding teachers become, the more frequent students’ essay writing requests are.

Since academic requirements become tougher year by year, technologies alone fail to make up for the time and effort that students spend working on their writing assignments. Needless to say, learners often have 3-4 To essays due the same day. Is it possible to manage such a workload? Hardly.

The industry may need extra regulation to add more trustworthiness to its services. It will also help decent companies get rid of the negative image existing for over 20 years. However, hardly any student will reject help when they see they can’t make it to the deadline.