Everything You Need To Know About Cricket

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Cricket is a field game that is played with a bat and a ball. The game is played on a round field with a pitch in the center of the field. The game is played in two teams and each team has a total of 11 players. The game is divided into two parts, each team plays both the parts one by one, the first part is the defensive part and the team tries to stop their opposing team from scoring runs. The second round is the offensive round where two players at a time come to the center of the field and try to score as many points as they can while the opposing team balls them.

There are 10 wickets in the game which means one team when they are in the offensive round usually called batting can have 10 team members come one at a time and score runs for their team. The game is won by the team which has a higher score in the allotted number of balls in the game.

There are judges called empires in the game that decide the number of runs and the outs a team has gained and these empires are neutral and do not represent any of the teams. The game has become so popular that companies like pro-stave.com allow people to bet on these games and use their passion and knowledge to earn lots of money.

The history of the game goes as far back as the 16th century, England. The game has evolved from the 16th century into what we see today. The rules and the gameplay of the game have changed drastically in its time span and it is constantly evolving to become better and better for the betterment of the sports and its fans.

The Rules of the Game

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Cricket as a game has evolved so much since the last couple of centuries that most of the rules that were made back then are not even applicable these days. Today the rules of the game have been standardized and all international cricket games have the same rules.

But cricket as a game has gained such a reputation and fan following that many countries citizens play the game based on their own rules and regulations.

The Equipment

The game uses many types of equipment and accessories that make the game easier and safe to play. The main equipment of the game consists of a bat and a ball. The game can be played with just these two things, but if you are playing professionally than you need safety equipment such as gloves, pads and much other equipment for the safety of the players. The game also requires a wicket to be played.

A wicket is 3 pieces of sticks that are stuck on the ground behind the batsmen and if the wickets are hit the batsmen will be called out and a new player must take its place.

The Runs

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The game solely depends on the number of runs the team makes, both teams take turns and play the defensive and the offensive part of the game and the team that has the most number of runs at the end of the game wins the game. The runs of the game are made in three ways, the most common way of scoring runs in the game is to hit the ball and run form wicket to wicket.

Each run from wicket to wicket counts as 1 run in the overall score. Another way of scoring runs is to throw the ball out of the field. If the ball touches the ground before going out of the boundary than it will count as four runs in the overall score, and if the ball does not touch the ground then it will count as six runs.

Overs and Outs

The game is divided into different categories and each category has its own number of overs. The games that are usually played are called one-day matches and they consist of 50 overs and each over has 6 balls. There are also T20s, in this type of match there are only 20 overs in the game, then there are the test matches. These matches don’t have any number of overs and the teams can play as long as they don’t get out.

The batsmen get out when the baller hits the wickets that are behind the batsmen when the baller is balling the ball. Another way the batsmen get out is when the batsmen hit the ball and the ball is caught by the opposing team before it touches the ground. There is another way the batsmen can get out is that when the batsmen are running in between wickets and the opposing team manages to touch the ball to the wickets before the batsmen get into the wickets boundaries.


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The international cricket council, commonly known as ICC is the governing party that is responsible for all the international games that are being played all around the world. ICC is responsible for managing all the international cricket events that are being played all around the world.

The council was established in the year 1909, and it started with only six countries and now it has the membership of all the countries that play the game internationally. The ICC is responsible for managing the world cup of cricket, as well as the T20 world cup that is played every four years. The game has been under the jurisdictions of the ICC as far back as 1989 and the ICC is considered to be the prime managing committee for the entire international cricket.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many countries that play the game and it has become the second favorite game that is being admired around the world after soccer. There is a large number of fans of the game and many communities that are depended on the game for their striving economy. Everything written about this article represents only our personal opinions.