The Evolution of Japanese Streetwear 

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If you love to slay in casual but beautiful outfits while keeping it simple and maintaining your sense of style, you should consider buying Japanese streetwear. The beautiful designs used for these outfits originated in Japan and have gained global recognition to exhibit unique fashion styles. This fashion style doesn’t depend on a specific set of rigid rules. However, it encourages people to choose their style and follow their hearts as long as they are comfortable.

How it All Started

Japanese streetwear was created from a mixture of both native and foreign fashion brands to give a blend of several contemporary modern casual outfits. This style of fashion was born out of the need for peculiar self-expression. It was initially used by the Japanese youths who became famous in Harajuku in the 1990s.

Eventually, it reached the United States. Japanese streetwear was embraced as soon as it arrived in the United States. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the Harajuku youth, the product continued to spread beyond the United States. This is because Japanese fashion products are always in high demand for their high quality and innovations.

These clothes are loose, comfortable, and affordable. However, there are also many luxurious brands out there that will cost you a pretty penny. Some Japanese streetwear is counter-cultural. It means that everybody can be a part of this circle without discrimination of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, or brown. You can join the trend. All you have to do is look for a place like tenshi-streetwear to get Japanese streetwear.

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How It’s Going

One survey revealed that almost half of all Japanese customers spend approximately US$500 on single streetwear compared to about US$100 to US$300 spent by non-Japanese customers in the United States. This fashion trend is still blazing and waxing strong as it has for many years. The ever-growing demand in the Japanese streetwear fashion industry has allowed it to gain a market capitalization worth billions of dollars.

How to Style Your Japanese Streetwear

It’s not enough to buy Japanese streetwear and use them without paying attention. It would help if you learned how to match them for self-expression. The whole point of using clothes as a form of self-expression revolves around wearing clothes that are comfortable, fancy, and complimentary. It doesn’t matter if the outfit makes you look socially awkward as long as you feel confident and comfortable.

Keep it Loose

Japanese streetwear isn’t supposed to be tight or fitted. So, make sure you go for outfits that are at least one size above your regular size. A loose Japanese streetwear t-shirt will match with denim pants. Don’t go for tight-legged denim pants. Buy the large-legged ones instead. Keep in mind that denim pants aren’t directly part of Japanese streetwear fashion. So, you may not get them from your traditional streetwear vendor.

Go for Bold Prints

When you step into a room wearing Japanese streetwear, everyone should notice your presence. The print can be the head of a fire dragon, a pitbull, or anything that is loud and makes a fashion statement. Just make sure that the stares you get from others don’t disturb or distract you when you step out. Keep in mind that a single bold print is enough to make your fashion statement, except you feel like mixing it up.

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Use Many Accessories

People think they don’t need many accessories with streetwear, but this isn’t true. Original Japanese streetwear was paired with accessories like jewelry, caps, large leather camouflage purses, and big boots. You’re not going to stand out if you simply wear the clothes without adding the right accessories.

Be Rebellious in Your Dressing

One of the key features of Japanese streetwear is rebellion. The Harajuku youths are known around the world for their rebellious nature. How do you rebel with your clothes? Well, it’s simple, don’t dress to conform to society’s standards. For example, if you’re going to a wedding and you’re expected to wear the traditional Japanese outfits, you can rebel by wearing a loose, colorful, and bogus t-shirt with a large print and baggy trousers or shorts.

Make Your Own Streetwear

While it’s easy to buy Japanese streetwear from a store, you should never forget that it is how you dress and not just what you wear that matters. So, you can join the fashion trend by repurposing your old clothes to meet the Japanese streetwear fashion. For example, you can use your waist belt as a choker or chain instead of wearing it on your waist. Invite Your Friends to Join the Trend Why make a fashion statement on your own when you can make an even louder combined statement with your friends? Tell your circle of friends about Japanese streetwear so you can all purchase these clothes together.

Who Can Rock Japanese Streetwear?

Japanese streetwear used to be made in flashy and shouty colors. Recently, however, fashion companies have been creating Japanese streetwear in different colors, including mild and classy ones. So, even if you don’t like bright colors, you can still rock the mild and calm ones.

Everybody, irrespective of age or culture, can rock Japanese streetwear. Your country of origin, dress size, or financial resources don’t matter. All that counts is your fashion sense. The best manufacturers of Japanese streetwear maintain a high standard for passion, excellence, quality, uniqueness, and innovation.

Japanese streetwear fashion brands focus on creating exceptional products that anyone can identify in different parts of the world. All you have to do is find a reliable manufacturer or vendor to supply you whenever you need it consistently.

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You can buy Japanese streetwear from an online store or a local shop. When you’re buying from an online store, go for limited stock with unique designs. These might be a little more expensive than mass-produced outfits, but they are much better for originality. Some vendors also allow you to design your outfits yourself. You will choose the color, print, style, slogan, and every other detail. Your order will be designed and shipped to you.