Some of the Most Exciting and Thrilling Sports in the World

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What are the most exciting sports? After reading, you will discover something new and interesting! In this article, in collaboration with we will provide an overview of the most unusual, dangerous and exciting sports from around the planet.


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This is a boat rafting on a mountain river. Moreover, all rivers are divided into six categories, depending on the speed of the current, the complexity of the route and other aspects. The first category is considered children’s, and the last is dangerous for rafting, even if you are a rafting master. The most difficult and exciting is, of course, boat control. Those rivers that belong to the 3rd and 4th categories will require a lot of paddling experience.


In an urban environment, mountaineering is practiced on special climbing walls, where there are vertically located surfaces with special ledges that imitate rock ledges. There are also inclined climbing walls and combined ones, in which the surfaces are located in different planes. In the modern world, rock climbing has become not only a popular hobby. Climbing walls can often be found in city parks, and they bring good income to their owners. The most extreme type of urban mountaineering is roofing. This is a very dangerous activity that involves the conquest of high-rise buildings. And often without the use of insurance.


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It’s a crazy hybrid of streetball, rugby and trampoline. This combination promises an unforgettable spectacle! The slam-ball players jump up to 5 meters and shoot the ball into the rings. Instead of defenders and forwards, there are handlers, stoppers and gunners. Of course, in this sport, you cannot do without protective equipment that covers all the vulnerable parts of the body. Usually, athletes wear helmets, shields, elbow pads and knee pads.

Race against the horse

This sport originated in 1980 in Wales. In the first race of 35 km, the horse, as expected, won, and by a large margin. People failed to win in 1985 when they were allowed to use bicycles.

It would seem that the two-legged have no chance. However, in 2005, everything changed. Professional marathon runner Huw Lobb was able to get ahead of the horse by a full two minutes. Two years later, another professional repeated this result.

However, it is not that simple. First, runners have a 15-minute head start before the horses start running. Second, the animals stop every few kilometers to undergo vet checks. But despite this, the challenge for the runners is still very difficult, and the prize pool of the competition is constantly growing.


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This is overcoming obstacles with elements of acrobatics. Parkour cannot be called a pure sport, since it lacks a competitive element. But it is very difficult from a technical point of view. Improvisation and the incredible beauty of movements combine parkour with artistic acrobatics. It belongs to extreme sports because the movements are made on an unprepared site. Parkour is usually practiced at construction sites, in industrial zones or even in mountainous areas. The main thing here is one principle: in no case should you move back. Having a good jump is also very important, and in order to be the best, technique and form you are using are the most important, as stated by


Thanks to the paraglider, a person can float on descending and ascending air currents. It is possible to start both from an elevated position and directly from the ground. Professionals in this sport can rise to a height of 4 to 5 km. Paragliding interest in a fairly large number of people, but it is more suitable for those who enjoy solitude. You can hover over the ground for several hours, contemplating beautiful views.


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A kite is a large kite that a surfer can turn into a sail that carries it through the waves or a wing that lifts it above the water. The most important thing here is the beauty and distance of the jump that the athlete makes from the top of the wave.

It may seem that kitesurfing has appeared quite recently, but historians claim that kite-like structures were used in China during the Ming Dynasty (XIV-XVI centuries AD).

Bungee jumping

Jumping with elastic cords allows you to experience the feeling of free fall without getting hurt. Almost any hill is suitable for this: a rock, a tower, a bridge. Some even build their jump structures. The most important thing is to correctly calculate the amortization overload and choose very reliable fasteners.


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This fun activity involves sliding down a mountain slope in a large plastic ball. To keep the person inside safe, a special capsule is placed inside the sphere that prevents the body from coming into contact with the surface. The passenger feels as if he or she is inside the drum of a running washing machine. The risk of damaging something is considerably less than if you’re going down the same slope on a bicycle or motorbike.


This is skiing behind water vehicles moving at a speed of 30-40 km/h. At the same time, the athlete flies up to a height of six meters, delighting the audience and experiencing incredible sensations. Wakeboarding has a lot in common with snowboarding and skateboarding in terms of basic elements. In this sport, the athlete’s muscles develop most harmoniously, which makes this extreme discipline the most effective in terms of fitness.

Mountain bike

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This is mountain biking on a specially designed bike. This heavy machine is a real off-road bike. It easily overcomes rocks, stony places, steep turns. The trapezoidal frame is specially reinforced, the suspension has good shock absorption, and the clearance is increased to make the bike more passable. Also, the tires of such a vehicle are much thicker compared to an ordinary bike, and it is also equipped with disc brakes. All this equipment makes a quality mountain bike quite expensive. And it weighs from 20 to 25 kg.