Experience The Essence of Thriving Easter Island Culture

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Many of the best Easter Island tours are available online. They offer many other tours to go on all over the world. However, they have some travel packages to utilize in terms of Easter Island. What you can see on Easter Island? How did civilization die out on the island? How big is Easter Island, and why is it a popular travel destination? What other tours can you go on? Well, let’s dive in.

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Other Destinations on The Way To Easter Island

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Easter Island

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On Easter Island, you have many things to do and see. They have nearly 1,000 statues all over the island. These statues are called “Moai,” and were created a long time ago by the indigenous people that inhabited the land named the Rapa Nui. They lived on the island and made these statues from volcanic materials from the Rano Raraku Volcano on the island. Some of the statues weigh up to 86 tons and stand at 10 meters high. These were said to be built in the 13th century. This is an island that baffles scientists and archeologists alike and remains a mystery to this day.

What Happened to The Rapa Nui

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The civilization of the Rapa Nui people left Easter Island before the island was discovered by the Europeans in 1722 A.D. This is said to be because the people that once inhabited the land had used all of its natural resources. Well, not fish and water because they lived on an island, but berries, wood, and meat from the island have all ran dry. They had to leave, or they wouldn’t have been able to survive on the island. However, while the people were there, they made monolithic statues to remind people that they were there and did once inhabit this beautiful island.

Why Is Easter Island A Popular Destination

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Easter Island is a very popular tourist attraction. It’s popular for more than a few reasons. There is myth, folklore, legend, mystery, and adventure there. While you’re on that island, you can’t help but feel all of those things. I can’t explain it, it’s something you’ll have to explore it yourself. It’s also popular because of its volcanoes, beaches, and beautiful scenery. It’s biggest attraction though is its monolithic statues of the Rapa Nui people’s “Moai.” Something that you should see yourself. Your mind tells you that this shouldn’t have been possible in the 13th century, but your eyes are seeing what your mind perceives to be impossible. With so many attractions you’d think this island was a decent size. However, it’s only 63.17 mi² and now houses a population of 5,200 people.

Final Thoughts

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