8 Beauty Tips and Hacks to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

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Since the start of the pandemic, we learned that proper skincare is more than regular washing and putting some cream on the face. It has a lot more steps than we can even imagine, but it should be adjusted to the skin type.

There are plenty of care products, starting with a variety of cleansers for your face, serums, essences, eye treatments, moisturizers, as well as SPF so that you can fully protect your skin from any possible external influences. Of course, it is good to know how these products are combined, i.e. to make a routine in which you will include everything your skin needs.

Sometimes all this can be expensive, especially in the beginning, because you try products yourself that you did not know before, but then it becomes easier, given that you understand exactly what you need.

Why do we say that awareness has grown more since the pandemic started? We already knew all this, but many did not have so much time to devote to themselves. But because of the quarantine and curfew we got more free time to experiment with different cosmetics. Of course, we have learned that each product has its own purpose and importance in the routine.

Well, let’s see what that actually means:

  1. The importance of a specially designed routine

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There are cosmetic products that we can buy ready-made, from drugstores and pharmacies, as well as from large cosmetic chains. But there are also experts who can make a formula specifically for your specific problem, combining active ingredients and essential oils that treat certain problems. If you are interested in this type of approach to your face care, then we recommend that you look more at pureoilsindia.com and ask for a quote for the specific problem you have.

  1. Wash your face for at least 20 seconds

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Use a gentle face cleanser in the morning. Put a little on your hands and with a little water, make a foam and apply it on your face. Massage gently with your fingertips so you can access every part of your skin and clean it well. Make sure it lasts at least 20 seconds to make sure it covers every part of the skin. Then wash with lukewarm water, as hot water can dry out your skin. Then, wipe with a cotton swab. Never rub it with a cloth, so as not to cause surface damage.

  1. Chemical exfoliation once every 5-7 days

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We are sure that when you use AHA and BHA acids, according to your skin type, you feel like it is completely restored, but it is not highly recommended. In fact, over-exfoliation can lead to excessive drying of the skin and damage to the surface. Acids are useful to use once every five to seven days, and then it is good to use soothing toners and essences so that the skin can be renewed.

  1. Double cleaning at night, before bed

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If you wear make-up and SPF during the day, then in the evening you have to remove it all well from your face and free the pores, so that the skin can breathe and regenerate. This is achieved by double cleaning. First, an oil face cleanser is used, which has the role of melting the make-up and removing the traces of SPF. Apply oil on the hands, make an emulsion with a few drops of water, and smear on the face. Wash and immediately apply a water-based cleanser and massage, as we said, for at least 20 seconds and wash off with lukewarm water. Your face is ready for the night’s routine.

  1. Include retinoid in your routine

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Retinoids are a specific ingredient, a variant of vitamin A, used to care for problem skin that is prone to acne and wrinkles. But you have to be very careful about this, especially if you use a retinoid with a high concentration of active ingredients. There are home care options that are perfect if you want to start with softer products that will not cause irritation. Stronger retinoids require consultation with a physician. But what you need to know is that it is a photosensitive ingredient, which loses its properties in sunlight. It is therefore used in the evening routine, and the next day it is mandatory to use SPF, to prevent irritation caused by the sun. Skincare experts believe that the cold months are suitable for using a retinoid.

  1. SPF is a real salvation

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Sunscreen products are crucial in skincare because the sun and its UV rays are really bad for your skin and can contribute to premature skin aging. But you also need to find the formula that suits your skin, because you have to choose the type that suits you. Making the wrong choice can lead to acne or irritation. Therefore, choose the SPF product carefully, even if it means that you have to spend more money on it.

  1. Natural ingredients are not a choice for everyone

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Some people are prone to allergies and they must be especially careful with natural ingredients. It’s good to know what works and what doesn’t, so you can choose. Read a lot and find out as much as possible about the properties of natural ingredients and their potentially allergenic properties, so that you can protect yourself in time and not make a mistake, which you will have to treat afterward.


The skin on your face, but also on the whole body, must be your priority in taking care of yourself. Sometimes it is only necessary to adjust the quantities and guess the right time, i.e. to make small changes in the routine, for it to be fully effective. When shopping, look for testers and mini versions of products so you can test and see what suits you without spending a lot of money.

Take care of yourself and your skin, because when it is healthy you feel better and more confident. And there is no real price for that because nothing is more important than feeling good in your body.