Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Honda Extended Warranty

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Buying one can be a difficult decision to make, but it shouldn’t be. The amount of value that a standard one would offer does not come close to the benefits and value you would enjoy under an extended type.

To help make your decision, we’ve prepared this tiny guide to walk you through the questions you should ask yourself when considering an extended warranty for your brand new Honda car.

Is the extended warranty a step up on the standard warranty?

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This is the most obvious question and it’s absolutely simple to solve. Honda’s standard guarantee provides coverage for powertrain (engine, transmission, and axle) for 60000 miles, and a 36000 mile, 3 years warranty, whichever comes first, for any defects in the car.

By comparison, the extended type provides coverage for 100000 miles, or 7 years, whichever comes first. You’re getting 40000 miles more for your Powertrain, and 60000 miles and 4 years on top for any defects in the car.

Is the added coverage worth it?

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Statistically, car owners have experienced problems with their engine’s critical components, which include the Powertrain, after the 60000-mile mark, with most issues popping up at the 70000-75000 mile mark. This is beyond the expiry mark that Honda’s standard warranty prescribes, meaning you’re responsible to bear any repair costs.

It should be noted that repair costs for such issues can go in the thousands, and having to pay such an exorbitant amount can be stressful for anyone. To add to the overall stress is the task of finding a reliable mechanic who will do a good enough job at a reasonable price. The extended warranty saves you from all of this stress!

How much does the extended warranty cost?

Price makes a huge difference when you’re considering an investment like this. However, luckily, most car manufacturers offer financing options for extended warranties. The cost of it will be adjusted against the monthly payments you’re going to make for your car. This makes the extended warranty more affordable and accessible for a wider demographic of car owners.

Are there any additional benefits?

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One of the biggest advantages of an extended warranty is the level of ease and convenience one experiences. As your car would be covered for an extended period of time, you won’t have to worry about finding a mechanic, and would have access to official Honda service centers around the entire country.

Your car’s resale value is also bound to go up as potential buyers would be happier in knowing that your car had been worked on only by authorized Honda personnel or the duration it was in your ownership. The transferability of the extended warranty will also entice more buyers, as they wouldn’t be stuck with having to make the full payment for the remaining financial payment tenure.

We hope this guide was able to help you in making your decision. For some great guides on extended warranties, car repairs, accessories, and so much more, head on over to chicmoto.com.